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The Return of Vintage Fashion

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When you often look at some old magazines you have stocked up at your homes, you may cringe at one point, at the very odd fashion style that use to be “in” during the 70’s and 80’s era. But the cringing may have ended when you must have been witnessing those same styles in people today- that’s because vintage is in! The concept of hippies is slowly fading down since every other person is now conforming to the traditional style of another generation.

The “Lennon” shades


Everyone’s parent surely has pictures of them wearing perfectly circular shades, and feeling ultra-cool in them-well, it’s time for their children to enjoy the same feeling since this fashion is back! These round shades are trending super-fast all around the world, similar to those of John Lennon’s, that were considered cool glasses during his time, and apparently are now too.  So don’t hesitate to give those shades a look and see if they match your face type, because if they do you’ll instantly fall in love with the look!

Crop tops

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Crop tops had different versions according to each decade. The 90’s may have witnessed a more dramatized version of crop tops but recently this style is incorporated at most famous branding stores and is being worn for all kinds of events- casual, formal or even party wear! With the right accessories, a crop top can be fitted into any theme according to one’s needs, and has been a successful comeback after its former popularity. Attach position patches or script names of your choosing onto your tops to give a more personal touch to it, something others will lack.

Bell bottoms

After years and years of highly fitted jeans and slim-fit trousers to highlight the athleticism of your muscle, bells are back with a bang. There are lesser people on the street wearing those unbelievably tight lowers and instead wearing loose airy pants that give their catwalk a whole new meaning of fun and comfort! So welcome back the bell bottoms after a long wait during which there was a tight jeans apocalypse, waiting for such open and comfortable trousers to hit back into real life.

Polka dots

Polka dots are not really considered vintage, but were heavily designed onto most clothing back in the day, and are becoming a trend now as well.  Whether it’s in the form of large dots on a small dress, or a patterned bandana, polka dots are definitely in style now, and look good too! Bring out the best look in you by wearing contrasting colors with lovely polka dotted patterns!

High-waist pants/harem pants


Most of those crop tops and shirts you may remember from the golden age used to be worn with very high waist jeans, or even loose harem pants. And that too has returned to fashion with a bang; who would have thought people would switch from super low waist revealing pants to completely high waist ones? But they do look gorgeous when worn with crop tops for any casual occasion. The whole look speaks hipster on its own!

The gigantic specs

It is debatable whether the trend of extra-large spectacles were really trend setting or not; but they must have been liked by most people since the trend is very much back! You will see people of all ages looking hip in large framed glasses everywhere they go; you might feel like it is a blast from the past! They clearly are meant for use in every form of fashion, and don’t even look bad over a extravagant formal look!

The winged liner

One of the most popular dilemmas on social networking sites nowadays is getting the perfect winged liner. But looking back at those films and TV shows from the past, most women would look beautiful in those perfectly winged eyes. Well looks like the struggle is back! Every other lady is now trying on the best winged liner that suits her face structure, and is spreading the 70’s vibe everywhere! And the best part is that it looks good too!


Written by:   Christine Rudolph


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