7 Holiday Makeup Ideas To Make You Sparkle

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The holidays are a time to put your best foot or even best face forward. Holidays usually entail a sea of party invites. As we all know, parties are often immortalized by the pictures we take during such gatherings. Everyone wants to look great at these types of occasions. But aside from just looking good, shouldn’t your goal be to stand out in the crowd? You should want to sparkle and shine and be the belle of the ball. You deserve nothing less. Here are a couple of tips and tricks that can make all the partygoers turn their heads when you pass by.

1. Make your eyes pop. As they all say, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Hence, you should make your eyes sparkle a little bit brighter tonight. To create the illusion of bigger eyes, line your water line using light eyeliner.

2. Look at False lashes. Get the look of false eyelashes without the hassle of putting it on. Use your hairdryer to heat up your eyelash curler before curling your lashes. This creates a more long lasting curl. Another trick to getting thicker eyelashes is to use a cotton ball. Use a normal eyebrow brush and brush off some fibers from a cotton ball. Follow up every swipe of mascara with a swipe of the brush with the fibers. Repeat this cycle a couple of times to getting va-va-voom lashes.

3. Get rid of baggage. This trick may sound crazy to some people but believe me it works. To fully conceal under dark eye circles, use lipstick before your concealer. You can use a small brush to apply light strokes of red lipstick under your eyes. You then cover that with your regular concealer and before you know it, your bags are gone!

4. A perfect pout. A makeup look is not complete without the perfect pout. However, if you are not genetically blessed with thick lips then maybe you should try creating them, or, at least, an illusion of them. You can do this by overlining your lips. Use a lip liner to line lips just slightly above your actual lip line. This creates an illusion of thick lips.

5. Blemish Buster. Got a big pimple before your big party? No need to worry. You can shrink the size of a pimple considerably and at the same time remove the redness that comes with it just by using ice cubes and eye drops. The first step is to place the ice cube on top of a pimple for a few seconds. You then follow this step up by squeezing a couple of eye drops onto the affected area. The eye drops help with the inflammation and the redness. Just slap on some concealer and no one will ever notice your zit.

6. Pamper yourself. The best way to look fantastic is to start from within. All of these tips would be for naught if you didn’t take care of your skin in the first place. The night before the party makes sure to pamper yourself by using either a sheet mask or an exfoliating mask. You can finish this paper session off by using a great anti-aging cream like the one from Pura Bella. This uses the antiaging powers of retinol to give you youthful looking skin.

7. Use the magic of glitter. If you really want to stand out in the crowd and to literally sparkle, why don’t you try experimenting with glitter eye shadow? This stuff does get a bad reputation because the use of it can get messy and all over the place. But with the right product, you can end up looking glamorous for a night out. If you are new to this stuff, I would advise just using either a glitter stick or a glitter cream palette as opposed to loose glitter which can get tricky. Also, don’t forget to use an eyeshadow primer.

With these seven holiday tips and tricks, you will for sure be the belle of the ball! Maybe you could get the courage to schmooze up to your boss or even talk to your office crush. You look great, and the possibilities are endless!

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