Metropolis Spa’s Newest Facial Transforms Your Skin in One Day

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Metropolis Spa & Salon is one of the most sought after salons in the country. All hairdressers and salon aestheticians know the name and aspire to reach their standards. Famous clients walk in and out of this salon on the regular. It is often a bragging point at a dinner party to let your friends know you got your hair done at Metropolis, because they will always ask.

As a 27 year old lady, I have had my share of facials. Metropolis Spa & Salon located  in Princeton, NJ has the most innovative non-invasive facial a spa can offer. Their new AquaDerm Treatment Facial is everything an aesthetician would want. The combination of TRI Technology (Aqua Dermabrasion + Chromotherapy Infusion + NANO-Diamond) and along with top of the line Skinceuticals Prevent and Protect line, the results are beautiful.

The AquaDerm Treatment Facial combines the anti-aging properties of an non-invasive dermabrasion, Red-light therapy and hydration therapy. The suction coming from the nozzle exfoliates and removes impurities and dead skin while using infrared light. The infrared light promotes healing reducing redness. It also evens out the complexion.


Prior to getting my facial, my sun-kissed face had lots of sun damage. An uneven complexion and a little dryness from the winter. 

Normally, after a facial your skin glistens, but you can still see sun damage and other more difficult blemishes. After getting an AquaDerm facial there is a dramatic difference. It is amazing how the skin rapidly heals after the AquaDerm suction pulses. When your skin undergoes suction pulses it takes a long time to heal, but due to the stimuli of this procedure, it promotes healing. After other facials, my sunspots are usually so visible they are mistaken for freckles. After this procedure, my skin is clear. My complexion is even, minus the redness on my cheeks that faded away about two hours later. My skin looks vibrant and healthy. I did not wear any makeup after this session. The goal is to have the skin absorb all of the benefits. I continued to hydrate and used Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore to moisturize. Triple Lipid Restore $125, available at Metropolis Spa Salon.

Metropolis Spa Salon lives up to it’s name. Two weeks after this procedure, my skin looks flawless. I give this procedure a Five Star Rating. Check AquaDerm out for yourself! The only places they offer AquaDerm locally are Bergdorf Goodman and Metro Spa & Salon


Metropolis Spa & Salon

301 N Harrison St, Princeton, NJ 08540




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