Keys to the Perfect Selfie

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Syllabification: sel·fie
Definition of selfie in English:
noun (plural selfies)
informal A photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media: occasional selfies are acceptable, but posting a new picture of yourself everyday isn’t necessary

In 2013 Oxford Dictionary declared selfie as the word of the year adding the above definition to it’s catalog making it an official word and not just a pop culture phenomenon.
But little did we know that there’s an actual art to taking the perfect selfie. Angles, lighting, posing, backgrounds, filters and more all play factors but don’t get overwhelmed because it’s all broken down for you below. But pack your patience because you are going to be snapping lots of shots to test out these methods.

Prep your camera: Wipe the camera lens. Why, because fingerprints, dirt and grit collect on it and when you take a picture it shows up. Taking a picture with a clean lens is a must!

Camera Placement: Hold the camera above eye level and turn/tilt your face at a three-quarter angle. Don’t ask me why but it makes everybody look magically more attractive.

Smile through it all…

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Know your good side: Everybody has a “better looking” side of their face. This is all based on your opinion so you will have to really look at your face in pictures to see which side you prefer. Once you figure it out remember so when it’s time to slightly tilt your head you know what side to put towards the camera. Lighting: Lighting is probably the most important key to the perfect selfie. It almost doesn’t matter how good your camera is if you don’t have good lighting your picture isn’t going to be great. Finding the ideal lighting can be tricky though but we’ve got you covered… (see below) Circle Trick: I know what you’re thinking, what’s the circle trick? Only the easiest way to find the perfect lighting for your picture. I got this trick from the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and it’s easy. Hold your phone up high and slowly turn in a full circle until you find the best lighting before taking your picture. I recommend turning twice so you can be sure. You may feel funny doing it but trust me on this one! Phone Accessories: From time to time you’ll be in a place that has absolutely no good light. And since you’re using your front facing camera you cant use your flash. Don’t panic there is an amazing phone case called the LuMee that gives you the perfect selfie light for this situation. Check them out at

Be Aware of your Background: Once you find the right lighting, look at your background. Is it messy? Is there a lot of clutter? If so move things or move yourself to the left or right until the mess is out of your picture frame.

Pose: Pose and have fun! A lot of people stage serious pictures and those are cool, but your friends want to see you happy! When in doubt on a good pose throw on a classic sweet smile. Plus your frenemies will notice.

Selfie Applications: Face it, sometimes we get blemishes and that perfect lighting and all of the selfie tricks just aren’t enough to distract you from that pimple. Lucky you there’s the Perfect 365 app that can magically take away your blemish. It can also add a little make up to your face, take the bags from under your eyes, soften your skin and even slim your face. But don’t get too carried away with all of the touch ups this app offers. You don’t want to look like you altered your face. Keep it simple if you feel the need to use this app.

Filters: So you have a great pic, now what? There are plenty of filters to enhance your picture. I personally do not use them much but if you like them be sure to check out Mayfair. It gets the most likes on Instagram.

I know for a fact that these tips will help you get the perfect selfie. Maybe not in the first shot, but I guarantee that your days of damn near filling up your phone looking for that one picture to post are over if you practice these tips! 🙂

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