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New York Fashion week started with a splash.

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Cristina Ruales has come a very long way from her freshmen show. From venue changes to competing with all the greats, this year it is all about versatility. Do you really see yourself wearing what you see on the runway? Couture and innovative cuts are beginning to emerge into the day-to-day attire.  Cristina Ruales’ show turned heads drawing in fashionistas looking for just the right avant-garde edge to everyday wear. “The collection is taking something from the office down a notch to casual or up a notch to a night out in the town. It is all in how you wear it. The focus is on creating artistic pieces that are flattering on any body.” Said Cristina who revealed that her vision is coming to life.


This collection draws a more varied, yet exquisite clientele who live their lives where their fashion must be a muse for their juxtaposed lifestyle. I interviewed Cristina at her very own Fashion Week after party held at the very exclusive members only club, Parlour.

Jocelyn: Every designer has some rules they abide by. What are yours?

Cristina Ruales: The rules that I began with that have stayed in place that will evolve brand identities are, 1. Architecture Versus Nature 2. Man-made fibers are innovative and can be created to serve any purpose or for technical reasons. (This means if you needs a more stiff fabric that falls nicely you can develop it.) 3. Advanced innovative pieces- something no one has done before.

Jocelyn: What are some of your goals with this year’s line?

Cristina Ruales: My goal is to grow the line. I am slowly trying to build the blocks to bring the clientele that are looking to take their wardrobe to the next level.

Jocelyn: What do you consider a huge asset about your collection?

Cristina Ruales: I wanted to bring the basics back to wardrobe building and found that it needed to have versatility. We have the cocktail party pieces that transform into an office look by sporting a blazer which gives it a more muted look. It is all in the way you accessorize. Many of my clients live a duality, my collection is made for that.

Jocelyn: Your designs have a very unique look from the patterns to the way the architecture of the pieces are finished. Where did this inspiration come from?

Cristina Ruales: I studied at Parsons and was influenced by Japanese cuts. I was born in Ecuador and have developed a palette from my experiences. As much as I wanted to incorporate these patterns from my imagination, it wasn’t really affordable to do much other than create new fabrics. Epson made my vision happen. I was selected to represent the US in their Epson Digital Couture Event. I was ecstatic to have been chosen!

I was able to add prints such as brush strokes, which were sophisticated and simple. I was able to bring a bunch of color in collaboration with Patrick Jacobs.

Our collection has been placed into Showroom 7, our Knitwear and some of our architecturally complicated designs and statement pieces are at Neiman Marcus.

Jocelyn: Your show was a blast. The music was compatible with the visual delivery. You are a designer to watch. Congratulations on an amazing show!

Model sporting Cristina Ruales on the Epson Digital Couture Fashion presentation during New York Fashion Week Women’s Fall/Winter 2016 on February 9, 2016 in New York City.  




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