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Social Lifestyle Magazine had the honor of sponsoring a three-day fundraiser for one of America’s wounded warriors from the 82cd Airborne Division. The fundraiser was a celebration leading up to Sgt. Henline’s ninth year of life on April 7th.

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During his third tour in Iraq, Sgt. Bobby Henline’s Humvee hit a roadside bomb. He was burned over 38% of his body and has had over 40 surgeries to survive. The four soldiers he was with were killed on impact.  April 7th now has new meaning for Sgt. Henline, a day to celebrate another year of life. Nine years have passed and Sgt. Henline has decided to give back. Not only has he turned his pain into stand up comedy shows, he is planning on opening a restaurant in Texas to help other veterans with employment and recovery.

Between April 5th and April 7th, various people joined Social Lifestyle Magazine to help raise funds for Sgt. Henline’s Go Fund Me. Three shows were produced by Alysia Stern, sponsored by us, along with Truth and Life Fitness, and Boots on the Ground NY. You can find the other sponsors here:

Twitter: @truth_lifefit

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The three-day fundraiser began on The Cooler with Rebecca Berman in New York City. Sgt. Henline called in to the show via video Skype. The show was co-hosted by freestyle legend Soave. Actress Tracey Birdsall was the special guest. You may recall Tracey from the movie Casino, and television shows Family Ties, Loving and The Young and The Restless.  Truth and Life Fitness also called in via Skype to make a debut and show their support of Sgt. Henline.

Watch The Cooler with Rebecca Berman:

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The second day of fundraising began with a radio broadcast on New Media Patriot Radio. The guests included Cindy Dietz- Marsh, the mother of slain Navy Seal Danny Dietz who was portrayed in last year’s film Lone Survivor.

Petty Officer Michael Lammey also called in. Michael is also a wounded warrior. He owns Safety-Happens, a company he started after being burned on a navy ship.

The third day of fundraising was also on New Media Patriot Radio, featuring @ThePatriot143. Special guests to kick off the evening were Sgt. Henline and Wayne Kyle, father of slain American Sniper Chris Kyle. Both shows were co-hosted by @KamVTV, Kambree Nelson, the face of Vets TV.

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To Listen to New Media Patriot Radio and hear the celebrations, click here:

We want to thank everyone who participated in this three-day fundraiser; to donate to Sgt. Bobby Henline, click here:


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