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The space you live in reflects your personality. It communicates who you are and shows everyone who visit your home the taste you have. It is not an easy task to create the perfect surroundings where you would feel comfortable and which will show your true self.

A fashionista you are has the immaculate style. But, when it comes to decorating your household you seem to be lacking inspiration. Do not let the vast possibilities how to style up your interior discourage you from making the surroundings you have always dreamed of. Look up to your fashion icons and recreate their home design.

Get royally inspired by stylish Kate

If you would like to create subtle stylish environment based on her royal fashion highness Kate the Duchess of Cambridge you should check her outfits worn in India. You could use this kind of motivation to make a living room inspired by her turquoise dress. Choose turquoise wall paint to make oriental look of your space. White details should be used to create the elegant vibe. White rug will match the surroundings perfectly along with white flowers. May the sofa and armchairs in turquoise hues too. Look at the perfect yellow coat Kate wore during her visit to India to create the sun-kissed bedroom. Yellow is the most luminous color, it is the color of happiness and creativity. Let the positive vibes spread all over the bedroom by choosing yellow sheets and contrasting gray pillowcases. Dark brown wooden details would create the royal style in your space, whereas white rug will refresh the space.


Get the best Italian style

Dolce & Gabbana spring/summer 2016 is all about recreating the 1950s Italian Riviera style. Pom poms and vibrant colors are a must when it comes to their runway. In order to create that atmosphere in your home go for decorating one corner of your favorite room with a lot of colorful pillows which have pom poms and pick a white sofa to place them. You will feel cozy and as if you were enjoying a stroll along a sunny beach in Italy.


Can it get more stylish than Carrie Bradshaw?

We have been in love with the magnificent Carrie’s style since we saw the first episode of the series, but there is a thing that we all have wished to have – the closet. Of course, we have dreamed of having the clothes she stored that, but as that is not possible, at least for now, you can create the surroundings. Choose the perfect hue of blue to create the cool atmosphere and find a lovely joyful rug with colorful butterflies to create the laid-back vibe. What you need to think of is the lighting. Simple ceiling lights will light up your wardrobe perfectly and inspire to create some outstanding outfits!


Create the minimalist in love look like Amelie Poulain

If you love the minimalist style of Audrey Tautou and the charm she reflects in Amelie Poulain you will love her look that reflects perfect style. To create this in your home go for Scandinavian style. Choose a gray sofa for your living room  and a white coffee table. Use white pillows with a touch of red – the hue as of Audrey’s lipstick. Red accents will spice up the atmosphere and you will get a cozy little living room you have always planned to create.


Fashion and home décor have more things in common than you might have thought. Use the fashion icons to create the perfectly styled environment in your home where you will feel comfortable and trendy.


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