How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse (Or Any Other Natural Disaster)

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TEOTWAWKI is a commonly used acronym among survivalist circles, which stands for “The End Of The World As We Know It”.
All joking of the zombie apocalypse aside, the community that’s growing around this principle is obsessed with survival in extremely terrible and difficult situations, also known as SHTF (sh*t hit the fan)  scenarios. Predicted disasters can include all catastrophic weather and political events that will change the world forever – leaving nothing the same.

When we talk about surviving the TEOTWAWKI way, it’s about preparing for difficult situations like nuclear war, weather disasters, electromagnetic pulse, complete financial collapse, and even total gas, water, and electricity collapse. In such events, we all need to be ready to act quickly to ensure survival.

Of course, the secret that “preppers” also know is that it’s better to plan and prepare ahead to ensure the best possible outcome in all situations.

Planning to survive a SHTF event

In order to increase the chances of survival in an undesired difficult situation, it is better to have more than one plan. However, there are some constants in all plans that include preparing for food, water, shelter, and first-aid needs. Basically, surviving in such a situation depends on your ability to be patient and adaptable to sudden adverse changes in your living situation.

Stockpile your basic needed supplies

There are premade sets of survival supplies, first-aid kits, survival foods and bug out bags, or you can sort through what you need to prepare your own items. Lists of needed items are also available to ensure you’ve covered all your bases as you start collecting items.

Choose a safe location

Finalize a spot outside the city and have your family members on board with your plan. Being away from the majority of the population is the best option in such conditions to avoid chaotic law and order situations. With law enforcement stretched thin, and needs abundant, there is likely be an increase in fighting, crimes, looting, and other violent situations.

Do a practice run

Just like you may hold fire evacuation drills at school, work or home to prepare for the worst, doing a dry-run rehearsal will help you prepare to put your skills and knowledge to good use in case of an extreme situation.

Assign certain tasks to each family member. Then, change the responsibilities and do the entire exercise again. This will help you spot who is best at doing which part of the job and make it easier to delegate tasks accordingly. If someone doesn’t seem to be fit for the assigned job, you may change their role. This will be vital in saving time, and possibly lives. Once you have roles assigned try to improve skill by pushing to do the same exercises in lesser time.

Learn everything you can

Increase your knowledge base by reading through expert blogs and to improve readiness. In a severely terrible situation, simply surviving will be a great achievement. We can make the situation livable and survivable for as long as possible by having the basic essentials. All you have to do is seriously plan things ahea

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