Is love written in the stars?

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We all have different expectations about what we should find a life partner. Some of us strongly believe in the idea of finding ‘the one’; the person you were destined to meet. Others take a more pragmatic view and think that it’s more realistic that we’ll meet someone we fall in love with and settle down with through our wider social network rather than it being something that’s destined to happen.

However when you end up meeting a person, it can take a while to know how well suited you are. Sometimes there’ll be an immediate ‘click’ and you know that you’re right for each other, while other people grow together to form a deeper bond over time.

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Some would say that love is written in the stars and whether you are a strong believer in astrology or not, it can be interesting to know how you match up with a new partner up in terms of horoscope compatibility. But while some star signs are said to be more compatible than others, there’s a different view that no two zodiac signs are incompatible. It’s just that some horoscope pairings might require a little more effort to find a comfortable common ground on which to base their relationship.

So which star signs are most compatible?

You can look up your own star sign on any love compatibility chart, but here are two examples.


  • Aquarius and Aries are two signs which are highly compatible; according to theCircle an Aquarian is often the provider, the listener, and the decision-maker. Although Aquarians love deeply, they also enjoy their own space and freedom. Aries understand this in their Aquarian partners, just as Aquarians don’t mind the fact that Aries needs to feel ‘in charge’ of their relationship. Also, Aries often enjoy being the centre of attention and Aquarians don’t mind that.


  • Capricornians and Taureans are also highly compatible; with both star signs placing a lot of importance in home and family. Both signs also enjoy surrounding themselves with beautiful things. Sexually, the two signs are on the same wavelength and tend to be faithful to each other.


What if you’ve fallen for a less compatible sign?

Consult any compatibility chart and you’ll see that there are certain signs that are highly compatible, while others are less so. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a successful relationship with someone if your star signs happen to be less compatible. It may just mean that a good understanding make take time and patience to achieve. With highly compatible star signs, that understanding is almost instantaneous, and they can feel that they are naturally on the same wavelength.

Less compatible star signs may have to make a more conscious effort to tune into each other and often need to be a little more tactful and careful to nurture their relationship. Although it’s harder work, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.


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What this means is that though your love prospects may not look good in astrological terms, if you’re willing to put the effort into a relationship; there’s no reason why it won’t work out. And if you succeed, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your love has defied the astrological odds.


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