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Offbeat ways to stay ahead of what’s happening

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In today’s fast-moving, social-media dominated world, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends across all aspects of life – from culture to fashion, arts, music and even the latest health and fitness trends.


Of course, it shouldn’t be hard; it should be easier than ever as we all have so many apps and other tools at our disposal. But the competition out there for your interest is so intense that it’s hard to wade through the sheer welter of information to decide what’s important to you and what’s not.

So here are a couple of really offbeat ways you can really stay ahead of what’s happening or what’s going to happen – that aren’t the traditional social media channels…

Get scratching

Firstly; how about online scratch cards? Yes, we’re serious here! Online scratch cards are a new fashion that enable you to do what they say on the tin – but they’re far more fun than the old-fashioned physical versions and, more to the point here, the themes are intensely topical as the competition is equally intense for your attention.

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/WWJ1vAuYJI0″]

For example, the Gr8Scratchcard site is a good starting point for reviews of the best online scratch card games and where to play them. The site also gives access to free scratch card games on other sites along with info on the latest casino bonuses and free cash players can sign up for. But more to the point, the games cover all the latest trends and movies and so on – even those yet to be released like next year’s planned blockbuster movie; Kong: Skull Island, the latest film planned for release in March next year from the King Kong franchise, starring Tom Hiddleston. This game scores particularly highly.




Try real life experiences

nepaul Another way is to completely ignore the web, and deliberately so, and to be on the streets of any major city. It’s more or less impossible to stay offline these days, which is entirely the point in giving you a new and different perspective. Staying offline for a day is akin to putting your head above the parapet to see what’s really going on – and it’s weirdly refreshing to “feel” fashion, life, and what people are actually doing with their lives when they aren’t online; we could call this strange tactic “real life”!    


meditation Last but not least – on a similar offline theme, try meditating. It’s amazing how this focuses your mind by emptying it of conscious thought. There are many different meditative techniques – all with the same goal of finding calm through not thinking consciously. During meditation, thoughts inevitably enter your head, but the trick is to accept them, then dismiss them for the duration of your meditation. When you “awake” from this process, you find yourself truly relaxed and free – but also completely focussed on whatever it is you next need to do. This clarity of vision and thought is priceless in enabling you to focus on what you want and need. Obviously, it doesn’t assist you in finding out the latest trends and information – but it 100% helps you decide which stuff you really care about, and what you don’t!     

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