Simple and Easy Ways to Update Your Beauty Routine

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Although beauty secrets are often kept confidential, some are willing to pass on their tips to help others update their beauty routine.

Here are some beauty tips from the discount experts at Dollar General to help you look healthy, revitalized and ready for any special occasion without spending a fortune.


Never underestimate the effects of staying hydrated. Whether it’s a sports drink enhanced with electrolytes or a simple bottle of distilled water, staying hydrated helps keep your skin wrinkle-free and gives your body energy throughout the day. Keep water readily available to ensure you always meet the recommended amount of consumption for your level of activity and the weather.

Protect Your Skin

To avoid exposing your skin to damaging sunlight, use sunscreen every time you head outdoors. Purchase both spray and cream-based sunscreens for the entire family at major discount retailers like Dollar General, which offer affordable prices on this essential. Sunscreen can also help keep your skin radiant, while avoiding harmful sunrays.

Cleanse and Refresh

Cleansing your face every evening is just as important as getting ready for your day each morning. By removing any make-up or products off of your face before bed, you allow your skin a chance to recharge overnight in preparation for the next day. Always have makeup removal wipes on hand and invest in an exfoliating face wash to remove excess dirt and dead skin from your face.

Celebrate a Day of Beauty

Beauty events are a great way to learn strategies for looking your best. For example, you can gain more beauty tips and advice by taking a trip to Tennessee this summer. Dollar General is hosting a Day of Beauty in downtown Nashville on Saturday, July 16, 2016, so beauty enthusiasts can learn more about multi-cultural hair products, as well as attend free demonstrations and seminars. Free samples will also be provided. For more information, visit

Don’t let updating your beauty routine break the bank. By following these simple and affordable tips, you’ll be looking your best in no time!


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