Sub Trap Artist: Jay IDK Talks New Music and What Inspires Him

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Recently we met up with rapper Jay IDK to talk about new music and what inspires and motives him to create his craft.

Where does your inspiration from come from?

My inspiration comes from anything, man. It’s kind of a boring answer, its just my life. I make a lot of music when I’m in motion. Like when I’m just walking I’ll just come up with a tempo and just hum a melody or when I wake up, but my inspiration just literally just come form anything. Anything that I see.


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So is it more like your life experiences or other people’s?

Both. I’m able to write from a lot of different people’s perspectives as well as my own.

What are your goals for your career?

I want to be a household name. Like a really big artist, like superstar status. Like Jay Z and Kanye status. That’s something that I look forward to do doing. That’s like one of my ultimate goals. Not just being good and having this come a career, that was one of the goals at first and now that it’s a career, the next thing is just taking it to that next level.


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What are you doing to get yourself to that next level?

A lot of hard work. A lot of just studying some of the greats, people I want to be like. And just finding new and innovative ways to market myself. Grow a fan base that’s going to last forever.

You said you’re trying to grow your fan base that’s going to last forever and you want to market yourself, what do you do to build your brand and to get your music out there to create this fan base?

I want to have a reputation for being very consistent with my music and showing growth every time I drop something. So I go the extra mile with everything I do. But building that one-on-one relationship or making music that will connect with my fans more than anything. Not just making hot music but music that people will be able to relate to, music that people will be able to remember for years.

Like the new song Trust Nobody? With that song, are you working on new things right now, a new album or is that something you just dropped?

Yea! I just dropped that song but I am working on a new album. And it’s going to be really good man. I got a lot of good feedback from my last project. That the reason why my career is an actual career now. But this next one is going to be a whole other step above that one. People that are hearing material that has not been released yet are saying they see a whole lot of growth in what I do and even with Trust Nobody there’s a lot of growth in the way that I approached that record from production to just my vocals, the way I projected my voice. All of those things have evolved significantly.


As far as your work ethic, you said you’re trying to evolve, and you have to evolve to get better and you have to have good work ethic, How would you describe your work ethic?

I think my work ethic is inhuman. I don’t think that it’s normal. I think I think it unhealthy, in a good way. I don’t think that it’s many people who could do all the things that I could do at one time and that are as focused as me. I try to stay out of a lot of things that don’t have anything to do with advancing my career and I font indulge in a lot of stuff. I just kind of focus on music a 100% all the time. That’s how I would describe my work ethic. I don’t think its normal.

What do you feel sets you apart from other artist?

One is exactly that last question. My work ethic. I think that, like I said, not to many people have that. And then my knowledge of rap, from the history of it, I could tell you the history of how it began. I think that’s what sets me apart. I’m really a student of what I do and I really really actually have a passion for it and I have a passion for being the best.

Most people would compare your style of rapping to Kendirick Lamar, would you say that was accurate or would you compare yourself to someone else?

I mean not really I could see the similarities on why people may say that. Everyone kind of gets compared when they come and right now I think he’s one of the best doing it so that’s a good comparison, But I think I’m definitely me in a lot of ways. I think a lot of people will see that, especially with this new project.


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You’re currently on tour. What do you like most about touring?

The ability to build with the fans. A lot of times I’m on tour with somebody else and it’s cool that I can just go and be able to manipulate a crowd that isn’t necessarily mine. So that’s confirmation that, whether it’s the performance or my music itself, something is strong enough to grab people’s attention and have them focus and listen to whatever I have to say. Just really building that connection with the fans is really the thing I enjoy the most.

Where can we find your music?

Soundcloud: Jay IDK

Twitter: @Jay_IDK

Instagram: @Jay_IDK

Snapchat: Jay_IDK



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Photography by Ashley Walker @AshleySkyWalker

Wardrobe Styling by Raphel Young @AlexYoung.LA

Shoot Producer Heather Ovieda @HeatherOvieda

Interview by Devrysha Rogers @Dev.Rog


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