Are You Prepared To Live On A Deserted Island All By Yourself?

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Deserted Island


We all have grown up listening to stories of Robinson Crusoe who was stranded on an island and managed to survive for years. These stories exhibited courage, resilience and the determination to survive but they also left us with the fear of the unknown. Are we prepared to survive in such situations? In the busy lives of today, going to a deserted island and spending some time alone is actually not that bad of an idea. In the midst of meetings and deadlines, how many times do you get to connect with nature? We all wish to have some quality time where we can reflect upon ourselves, our goals and where we see ourselves. Away from technology and everyday life, these thoughts can very well be pondered over on a stranded, quiet island. Surviving on an island can be made easy by just one simple trick- preparing beforehand.

Preparing to go on a deserted island? The first thing you have to do is to research about places that offer you the tranquility you are looking for. Look up for the deserted islands that are yet to be explored and find out how you can travel to them. Talk to travel agents and tour planners to get a better idea. When these things are finalized, start preparing for the things you need. The lesser you carry, the better hence it is very important to get the essentials in order.

Food, is the first essential. On a stranded island you will not find your favorite fast food chain, preparing food would be your responsibility. Learn to fish, hunt, cut trees, make fire using rocks and prepare food by lighting the wood. Gather knowledge about fruits and vegetables that are safe to eat because some wild berries can prove to be poisonous too. These helpful skills that will ensure your survival. Carry basic seasonings such as salt, pepper and chili powder so that you can cook. Luckily, in the modern world of today, items such as fruit powders, vegetable powder, vegetable protein powder, Activez fruit powder and Vegetable Powder, spinach powder and dried food are available. Such products are great to carry when you are tired, starving with hunger and cannot find food to eat.

Water is another basic need that you have to prepare for. Human beings can survive days without food but they cannot survive more than three days without water. Moreover, on an island where the sun is right on your head, dehydration is very likely hence having a lot of water is important. Carry maps that highlight water sources so that they can be tracked by you. Carry water purification filters and tablets, they prove to be very handy in such situations. Pack extra water bottles so that they can store water when you find the source. Nowadays, there are water bottles that have water filters/purifiers in them, grab such a bottle for your adventure!

Clothing is another essential when you go to islands. In your initial research, study the climate of the island and gather clothes accordingly. For the day pack light colors, cotton clothes that make you feel comfortable. For nights pack full sleeves shirts and trousers to protect yourself from insects and mosquitos, creatures that are in abundance at such places. If the island you have chosen goes very cold, pack some warm clothes too. However, warm clothes are heavier and maybe problematic to carry. Moreover, do not forget to pack sheets to sleep on, tent, sleeping bags and towels. Your shoes should be extra comfortable since your trip might require lots of trekking, running and walking. Wear old shoes because new shoes might give blisters or cramps, something you do not need on a survival trip!

Tools and Equipment
In order to survive on a deserted island, you would also be required to pack important tools such as pocket knife to protect yourself, knives to prepare the hunt for food, a long range gun with the best spotting scope so that you can easily scan the terrain and monitor your surroundings. If you are travelling abroad, you might not be able to carry guns, find an alternative and prepare beforehand. Self-protection is critical to survival, thus when preparing, do learn kick boxing, martial arts and how to shoot a gun. You never know when these skills might be needed. Also, do not underestimate the importance of a first aid kit. Along with packing all your daily medication (if any), pack bandages, band aids, sanitizers, cotton, scissors, gauze, tape, antibiotics, anti-allergies, pain killers and other above the counter medicines that you might feel the need to carry.

Challenge Yourself
In your daily life you have studies, work, meetings, friends, families and various other roles that can come with thousands of responsibilities. These help pass time. On a deserted island, none of these would be present. To pass time, carry books you would like to read. These would be a great way to pass time. Word games like crosswords or anagrams can also be very helpful. Alongside reading, do not forget to carry a notebook and pen. Make a travel journal where you can give a detailed outlook of your trip, the various challenges you faced, how you passed time and the various lessons you learnt. If you are on a journey of self-reflection, jot that down too! You would not only have your thoughts in order but also learn how this trip helped you evolve at a personal level.

Life is not defined by the days you spend on earth but rather than the memories you make. Going alone to a deserted island will give you memories that will last with you forever, adventures you would never grow tired of sharing. Connecting to yourself is an opportunity not many find. If you have that chance, find a deserted island, plan a trip and go ahead. However, do not take the preparation stage lightly because that is what will ensure your survival!

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