Beauty at Coachella 16

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It’s in the 90’s, in the desert, with 40 mph winds…what on earth do you do with your hair and makeup?  There was quite a difference between the choices the artists made as opposed to the crowd.  The performers chose to concentrate more on their makeup and the crowd their hair.  Of course there was no shortage of gold and silver flash tattoos.  Here are some of the trends seen on the Chella grounds.



Due to the wind many girls embraced the braids and buns this year.  The French braided pigtails and braided crowns were two favorites.  Also, the half up ethereal bun was also common.  The key was to keep your hair out of your eyes.  There weren’t many oversized hats as we have seen in year’s prior.  The female artists chose similar beach waves, and or messy hair down as they were bouncing around on stage.  I’m guessing there was a lot of sea salt spray used backstage.



One word:  Glitter.  Ke$ha’s presence must have made an impact on the ladies of the Chel, because glitter eyes were everywhere. Kim from Matt and Kim brought the color with electric blue covered eyes while she banged her drums.  Lauren Mayberry of Chrvches used big flecks of silver glitter below and above her lid that almost resembled a mask.  Halsey had dark covered lids with full silver glitter on top.  Ellie Goulding went for a soft natural look with shimmery neutrals, much like man of the girls in the crowd.  It appeared that it went from one extreme to another.  A dewey sun kissed natural look, or bright neon and glitter.


As a makeup artist who appreciates unique looks, I’m hoping some of these trends carry into ladies everyday looks.  There’s a Khloe Kardashian and Ke$ha spirit in us all, so let it shine queen!


Kay Broch is a LA based Makeup Artist, with an obsession of all things beauty. As a Midwestern girl who always stood out for being different and "eccentric," she has thrived in the land that is California. Her comical approach to life has translated into her artistry both in beauty and writing. With a love of education she thrives to teach readers through her experiences, in hopes of helping anyone feel wonderous in their own beautiful skin. Follow me on Instagram @kbrochmakemeup

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