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As Mother’s Day neared I began to think of the many things that my madre has taught me.  Parts of her that live on everyday within me, and that someday I will pass on to my daughter.  Beauty is a big part of my everyday life, and much of the artist that I am.  Naturally, so much of what I know of beauty has been instilled in me by her.  It’s a common trend I see as my friends and I grow older, that in this regard much of their beauty routine is the same as their mothers.  If their Mom’s wear not a lick of makeup, usually they rock the more natural look as well.  My mother was about as girly as one gets, she rarely ever wore pants, rocked the huge 80’s long curly hair, and bright vibrant colors painted her face.  Here are a few pillars of beauty in the eyes of my mom.


You Get What You Pay For

As a young girl all my friends had backpacks full of Smackers chapstick that you could basically eat, and loose glitters that most likely belonged on an art project.  I envied those fun-looking beauty products, and would sneak and use my friends’ at school.  Until some of that very glitter got in my eyes, and scratched them so bad it took months to heal with meds from the eye doctor.  My mother didn’t allow me to wear these things, because she believed that some of the brands that cost a bit more were better for my skin in the long run.  Not only were they healthier formulas,  but the quality and longevity outweighed the price.  Although the price was a sickening realization once I had to start paying for it on my own, the difference is unwavering and worth the extra dollar.


It’s Never too Early

When you’re in middle school, and growing up in general skincare isn’t something most kids think about.  Once puberty starts and blemishes begin, of course we want them banished, but we don’t generally think of why they may be there in the first place.  My mom started me with all skincare Clinique even back when I was in elementary school.  I didn’t think it was that important at the time, but she was all about being preventative.  Even now, I notice the difference in my skin due to all the anti-aging care.  It’s never too early to make your skin a priority.


You Can Pull Anything off with Confidence

In middle school I made very questionable makeup choices.  It was during the time of shiny glosses, thin eyebrows, and baby blue and white eye shadow.  I had and still have a tendency to always match my makeup to my outfit; in fact I cannot to this day do my makeup until my outfit is decided.  Often I got a lot of criticism for being “too matchy,” or “too loud and out there” with some of my choices.  As I got older it was more of “I wish I could pull that off.”  My mom has always drilled into me that you could pull off any hair color, makeup look, etc with the confidence that you look great.  That this is who you are, and you are simply showing the world your artistry.  I took that to heart having every hair color in the rainbow, and never being afraid to try different looks.


Share the Wealth

Until moving to LA, I have been surrounded by many girls who don’t know a thing about beauty related topics.  Whether they didn’t grow up around it, or it just wasn’t a priority for them to learn.  At our house we had a ginormous drawer full of beauty products that my mom either got as a gift with purchase, or we just had a stash of.  Every holiday, birthday, or just sleepover she would encourage me to give my girlfriends these small gifts, and teach them how to use the products.  Since high school I have been a go to resource for my friends on everything beauty related.  I’ve always enjoyed introducing new things to friends, and educating others on ways to better their routines.  I also love pushing people to think out of the box, and try new things.  I can attribute this passion to my lovely mother, and her joy of sharing beauty with others.


Next time you see your mom let her know the things you are thankful for that she taught you.  Maybe treat her to a makeover at Sephora, or your local department store. It’s never too late to give the beauty year round.




Kay Broch is a LA based Makeup Artist, with an obsession of all things beauty. As a Midwestern girl who always stood out for being different and "eccentric," she has thrived in the land that is California. Her comical approach to life has translated into her artistry both in beauty and writing. With a love of education she thrives to teach readers through her experiences, in hopes of helping anyone feel wonderous in their own beautiful skin. Follow me on Instagram @kbrochmakemeup

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