Behind Sub Rosa’s: NYC’s Most Exclusive Society For Your Face

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Skincare is the most important component of your daily routine, but let’s be honest, some of us are too busy to put the time and effort. It is hard to invest time into preventative care and this is because the focus has been on finding a plastic surgeon to tweak when it is a little late. Sure, with today’s botox, fillers and several advanced procedures you can inform your surgeon what it is that you want. Many surgeons can care less if you look expressionless for months. The units they can bill you for is what peaks their interest. At this exclusive med spa, less is more. The most innovative approach is found in a quaint and luxurious escape in the West Village called Sub Rosa Concierge Aesthetics. The logo is a gilded skeleton key evoking this feeling of a secret society. The privacy and eloquence of the location is set with tranquil music, luxurious candles and the feeling of being at home. There Dr. Sonita Sadio’s motto is, “Sometimes you need a plastic surgeon… to help you avoid plastic surgery.” Dr. Sonita Sadio is a Manhattan plastic surgeon dedicated to helping men and women take care of their skin with very minor enhancements and preventative skin care. She is all about making sure your skin routine is on point to prevent unnecessary procedures.


Dr. Sonita Sadio founded the membership-based boutique practice in the West Village. Once a member, you are provided with everything you need to stay ahead of the aging process. “I believe less is more. Start early. Do less, but do it regularly.  That’s how you win the aging war. The way we understand skincare is do something when you see it is there. I have a more French-European approach to skincare. In France, they are taught to take very good care of their skin. It is a discipline. This prevents aging. You know all those gorgeous celebrities? The ones who are ‘aging graciously?’ This is how they do it.”


At Sub Rosa, Dr. Sadio’s degrees are across the wall. Hailing from Yale College, Med School at Georgetown, surgery at Harvard and plastic surgery training at the Mayo Clinic. She did advanced training in Aesthetics at the New York Eye & Ear Infirmary. She has spent time overseas doing amazing work for children born with cleft palates. After all of this education and specialization she has created an innovative approach to provide the best skin care and complimenting procedures.


I joined Dr. Sonita Sadio for a session. Prior to the appointment, I emailed her my skin routine and a picture of me looking my best. She also takes pictures of her clients to provide details on the gradual changes her clients experience. Right away, Dr. Sonita Sadio was able to explain what the ingredients in my skin routine do. She even provided me with great brands that carry SPF and blends well with my foundation. She informed me that she is in the process of creating her own customizable skincare line to provide her clients with the perfect skincare regimen. She provided me with excellent advice that I have been following and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. My makeup routine is less as a result of the new regimen.


Sub Rosa memberships are a valuable necessity for women looking to prevent the aging process. It is an anti-aging strategy for life. It enables you to receive procedures throughout the membership term instead of making large payments where you are likely to compromise the continuity needed to have beautiful results. “It enables you to get all the work done gradually and substitute some unnecessary procedures with a regimen tailored to your skin goals.”

Dr. Sonita Sadio has weekly videos providing her followers with very important information.

In case you were wondering what causes RBF, Dr. Sadio breaks it down.      




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