Brazilian Butt Lifts & the Booty Boom

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With women like Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj gracing all matter of media, there’s little wonder why the age of the booty boom is upon us. Known for their ample backsides, these two starlets are the face of a changing standard of women’s beauty. Less rail thin and more voluptuous curves, these celebrities embrace their well-endowed behinds. As a result, women all over North America are emulating their silhouettes by undergoing what’s known as the Brazilian butt lift. These procedures can instantly transform a less than stellar booty and amplify it in a way that would make Kim proud.

The booty trend has a far reach, and even Toronto hasn’t been left untouched. Now that the weather is finally changing, and its citizens can visualize life without thick layers, women all over Toronto are preparing for the summer (and their skimpy clothes) by signing up for this procedure. But why is the Brazilian butt lift Toronto’s (and arguably the world’s) top body enhancement? Unlike slimming procedures that aim to remove imperfections, butt implants in Toronto naturally enhances your best features.

The process is twofold, requiring a first stage involving liposuction and a second stage that involves injectables. The first stage is to prepare the body for the enhanced booty, as it slims down the surrounding areas of extraneous fat. By removing fat from the thighs, stomach, and hips of the patient, a plastic surgeon can create a more dramatic contrast between the amplified booty and the trim torso and legs. It also provides the material with which they create the new butt. Instead of using synthetic materials, the removed fat from the liposuction is injected into the tissue of the buttocks. A plastic surgeon will inject it at varying depths, carefully creating a natural looking shape.

When you’re willing to join the booty boom in creating the best shape for your body, it’s important that you research plastic surgeons in Toronto. You need to confirm your doctor has the skill and experience necessary to perform this procedure, as it relies on an aesthetic eye and an adept hand. Make consultations with several cosmetic surgeons to see which one is right for you, keeping in mind any doctor you choose must be a board certified surgeon. By doing your due diligence before your procedure, you can see the results of a truly spectacular procedure. See why Toronto and the world are embracing the booty boom, and get ready to show off your curvy figure.


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