Designer Feature: Bryce, of Co. Ideal Brand

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Tell me a little bit about your background. Where are you from originally?

I’m 24 years old. I grew up in Calabasas, Ca. I went to San Diego State University for a few years and studied pre-med, then got involved with entrepreneurships in business. I ended up dropping out of college my junior year and things just took off after that. I was raised in a family where my dad worked 12hr days not because he needed to but because he loved to, so I always glorified that type of entrepreneurship and success. So, during college I was always one of those guys that wanted to start up projects and do whatever I could to make money on the side. I built a sales organization at age 20 that made about $2 million a month in sales around the world in 50 plus countries. So, I ended up dropping out of school and I’ve been able to travel across the world and do the things that I want to do and its because, not necessarily that I’m smarter, but because of a mindset of thinking bigger and dreaming bigger which is an extension what the brand is today.

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What did you do before starting this brand?

I was really just a hustler. I would always do what I could to make ends meet. I never really had a traditional job. I was always an entrepreneur, selling things from player cards to Xbox’s and PlayStations.

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What inspired you to create this brand?

I think that there is something unique going on with the younger demographic, the millennials. They don’t want to live the 9 to 5 lifestyle, they want to be their own boss and work their own hours. A lot of people say that the millennials are lazy but I think that’s wrong. We grew up seeing our parents working traditional business jobs and people now-a-days kind of glorify being entrepreneurs because they’re the people that are doing what they want to do, and kind of taking the road less traveled.

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How was the name Co-Ideal created for this brand?

The name Co. Ideal was discovered because we wanted to build a brand around people who go after their ideal lifestyles. We didn’t want to close it off just to entrepreneurs and business man. But people who have a vision for what they want their life to be like and manifest that in reality.

Bryce Majdick owner of Co. Ideal

What is the overall brand message ?

To live your dream and do the thing that will make you your happiest self. Take the road less traveled and step out of the box of the traditional ideal lifestyle is expected of you. Dream big and hustle until you reach your goal.

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Where do you plan to take this brand?

-Short term goals 1-5 years
I want to have the brand set up in some smaller boutiques just to get the presence out there.

-Long term goals 5 years and beyond
Long term goal for the company is to create a community that will act as a catalyst to growth of any individual by infusing a culture of empowering behaviors.

What motivates you professionally? How do you maintain the go-getter mindset every day?

Getting out there and doing things people say I can’t do.RR 1

What do you want people to remember you for?

That becoming an entrepreneur was not as easy as it seems, that there is a lot of hustle in the dirt and a lot of stuff that goes on like challenges and obstacles that get you to where the glory is. I want people to understand the dark side of entrepreneurship too. I want to be remembered as someone that earned what I have and not just someone that has something.

What’s in your closet? What are some of your favorite brands you wear?

I like to wear things like Nike on casual days, and for business attire I’ll wear something like Ralph Lauren. I occasionally wear some high-end brands also.

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Do you care about entertainers wearing or supporting your brand? If so, which celebs would you like to see in your designs?

I would love to work with Ashton Kutcher because he is known for advocating for the younger generation and helping them make a name for themselves with the help of his influence.

Where can people buy merchandise from Co Ideal? 

Go to for our latest designs. 
Featured Brand – Co Ideal @Co_Ideal 

Photographer – Chad Foreman – @Photogoforeman

Female Model – Janey B  @hello_janey 

Femal Model – Jo @joneofthewonders

Male Model – Bryce – @brycemajdick 

Male Model – Austin Franco @austin_franco_ 

Written by Brittney Smith @mrs_smith1116



Chalia Carpenter, a Berkley native, is a vibrant and innovative creative director, fashion stylist and designer who, in 2012, founded and owns the styling firm Chalia Breonn located in Los Angeles, California. After graduating from the Art Institute-Hollywood with a Bachelors of Arts Degree, her career began to take off as she started styling designer look books as well as advertising campaigns for various designers and then she received an opportunity to work on a 2010 feature film "We The Party" as key costumer and hasn't looked back sense. Chalia has worked with top celebrities such as Kerry Washingrton, Zulay Honano, YG, Tyga, Clyde Carson, New Boys., Eric Bellinger, Mike Epps, and Cody Simpson to name a few. Her work has been seen on national television networks like TBS, DISNEY BET, MTV, and numerous publications such as, Social Lifestyle Magazine, RUNWAY Magazine, VIBE Magazine, YRB Magazine, Alegria Bilingual Magazine, Runway Magazine,, Dark Beauty Magazine, Fashion Fair Magazine and Teen Runway Magazine. Chalia recently appeared on The Platform TV network web series “The Next Style Star” for Macy’s, where she competed amongst several stylist and became a winning finalist. She is an image-maker with the ability to create a unique and personalized style for each of her clients. As of June 2015 Chalia was named Creative Director for Social Lifestyle Magazine.

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