Do You Belong in the ‘Bad Girls Club’?

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Are you feeling totally off when you wear your ballerina gown, or that little outfit all perfectly ironed and put together? Are you imagining outfits like pairs of ripped jeans (or black skinnies), graphic Ts, gorgeous leather big bags, amazing sunnies and lip shades that leave everyone around breathless? Of course you do.

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We’ve got a piece of news for you (but we think you already knew this) – you are actually a bad girl, girl. Forget all about your forced girl-next-door vibe and embrace the sass and spark you deserve to live!

If you’ve been in the pink world for way too long, it’s time you cross over to the dark side of things – the side where all the magic is happening. And guess what? All of us other bad girls will help you get to our dimension safely, and experience it the best way possible.

If you are unsure where to start when it comes to building your bad girl wardrobe, here are a few insights that will definitely steer you in the right direction.

Think Kylie Jenner

King Kylie’s nailed the bad girl vibe oh-so-well; apart from the amazing genetics she’s got on her side (and a few surgical touch-ups), the girl’s got style and it was evident from the get go that she’ll be taking the style crown in a totally opposite direction to her sister Kim.

While Kim’s all tight dresses and skin everywhere, Kylie’s more buttoned up but always incredibly hot.

kylie jenner

Kylie’s very much an RnB, Rap kind of girl and that’s reflected in her style; if you love the way she dresses, make sure you include a lot of black pieces into your wardrobe like black bombers, oversized sweats, skinny jeans and coats. Knee-boots are essential if you want to look chic, even if you go with an oversized sweatshirt on top. Shades in an interesting color like red or yellow will definitely break the blackness of the outfit.

To be bad like Kylie, buy: leggings, cropped tops, body-cone dresses, oversized sweatshirts, leather Rhino Leather jackets and rucksacks (leather is a must have for every bad girl!), bomber jackets, and oversized coats. Colors to shop for: mauve, black, nude, military; sometimes coral, white and blue do play a role, too. Thinking about that nipple piercing, too? Oh, wait – that’s Kendall.

Love RiRi

Ah, the queen of all that’s bad. While we are definitely not pro all the weed-smoking and porn-insinuating in every single video, there’s no dispute that RiRi’s bad girl style is killer!

When she started out, she was yet another Hollywood sweetheart, but once she cut her hair short and got her first tattoo and piercing, everything changed. We now look to her for bad girl style, as she is nailing it superbly. And it’s not that she is even trying – her bad is so effortless that we, ourselves – crave it!


RiRi is no stranger to combining the weirdest of materials and styles together, like a lace dress and leather jacket, a sporty shirt and fur, sneakers and a body-con dress… and it’s the fact she is never apologetic about what she’s wearing that makes an item or an accessory a trend the moment she starts sporting it!

Steal RiRi’s style by being daring, combining weird things and letting your inner bad girl steer you into the right direction. We’d recommend “RiRi pieces”, but who could precisely define what those pieces really are?

Channel Katy Perry

Ms Perry is a perfect combination of a bad girl with a girl-next-door vibe; she can rock an all-leather-ensemble with the same ease as she would a floral romper – and still look absolutely amazing!

Her bold bangs, dark hair, piercings and tattoos definitely speak of her dark angel tendencies while the blue eyes and a sweet smile still keep things cute and girly charming.

katy perry

If you feel like you are a Katy Perry style disciple, go for bold combinations like retro sunnies, leather pants, a choker and a top in a screaming color. Perry often channels the ‘90s, so you can try imitating that, too. Checkered shirts and fur accessories are very welcome, too.

Apart from the three divas we’ve singled out, there are plenty of bad girls out there you could take your lessons from – it’s all a matter of personal taste, anyway. Nevertheless – let yourself enjoy your bad girl vibe, and make it all stylish and chic!


Elise is fitness girl from Colorado. She is health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports, after all she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about beauty, health, adventures and experiences.

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