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As anyone who’s attempted to plan a wedding on their own can confirm, this is a task best left to professionals. The litany of stressors associated with putting together a wedding are simply too much for many people to handle – particularly people who don’t want to spend several months bereft of leisure time. However, not all wedding planners are created equal. When shopping around for the perfect planner, be on the lookout for the following qualities.

Someone with Experience

In many respects, your wedding day is the most important day of your life. As such, it’s only natural to want the person in charge of planning it to be very good at what they do. When scouring the web for local wedding planners, it’s important to take experience into account. It’s no secret that wedding planning is a stressful, hands-on profession, and anyone who earns their livelihood through itshould be able to flawlessly roll with the punches. Needless to say, the more experience a planner has under their belt, the better. Having a history of overseeing successful weddings will undoubtedly serve this person well when organizing your big day. Experience means they’ll be well-equipped to deal with sudden cancellations, miscommunications and other stressors synonymous with wedding planning.

Someone with Connections

The best wedding planners enjoy cozy relationships with an assortment of hot venues. A good planner will have connections at a variety of churches, reception halls, clubs and restaurants. This person will also be acquainted with top-tier picture-takers and graphic designers, like Jonathan Roberts, one of the most sought-after San Luis Obispo wedding photographers. If you want the memories of this special day to live on in perpetuity, a good photographer is an absolute must. The more connections your planner has, the better equipped you’ll be to command bargains from your desired venues. Also, since booking certain venues can be an uphill battle (particularly during wedding season), a well-connected wedding planner can be an invaluable asset to your big day’s success.

Someone with Patience

As someone in your employ, it’s your wedding planner’s job to make you happy. However, a surprising number of planners pay little mind to what their clients want and take shortcuts at every available opportunity. Instead of taking their employers’ needs into account, these planners elect to do whatever is most convenient for them. Considering how well-compensated most wedding planners are, it’s only fitting that any planner to whom you give your business be as obliging as possible. This day is about you and your soon-to-be spouse, not your planner – and if they’re unable to deliver on something you requested, they’d better have a darn good explanation as to why. In essence, your planner’s job is to make your vision of a perfect wedding a reality. Any planner who claims otherwise isn’t worth your time or money.

If your big day is on the horizon, it’s time to commence the search for a wedding planner. While finding the right planner may not be a walk in the park, limiting your choices to people who possess the previously-discussed qualities will serve you well in this endeavor.


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