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How to Impress Your Boyfriend with a Great Gift (A Luxury Watch)

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How wonderful it is to be in love, right?

Perhaps, one of the most wonderful things that can happen on our planet is ‘Falling in Love’. It is one such feeling that everyone loves to stay with, forever. And, when it comes to girls, they simply adore this sensation. No doubt, guys love it too, but our lovely ladies, they are something else, when they are with their boyfriends.

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Ladies love when they get that ‘always fantasized’ cuddle, hugs, kisses. And, how can we forget those rosy cheeks and thousands of butterflies dancing in the stomach on seeing their prince charming.

Ah! How lucky a girl feels when she is blessed with a true love!

But, do you ever think of impressing your guy, who loves you so much? Well, he might be already charmed with your beauty and love, but those small gestures never hurt!

And, one of the things that most of the men love to flaunt is a LUXURY WATCH.

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Yes, nothing can wow him as if a luxury watch can do.

So, let’s take a look at these awesome breath-taking luxury watches for men, which would simple leave him amazed and astounded.

Let’s take a look!

  1. Bvlgari: Octo Finissimo Répétition Minutes

Here comes the stunning combination of sandblasted titanium and a matte alligator strap.



This astounding piece not just musical, but is also world’s thinnest minute repeater. That sapphire crystal will allow him to have a good full view of the extraordinary 3.12- millimeter movement, which we he would love to flaunt.


This extraordinary thing costs around $165000, which truly is justified by the beauty of the watch.

  1. Patek Philippe Grand Complications

Another grand watch that will make his wrist looks super sexy. Considered as ultra-luxury brand, this watch was once sold for $24,000,000 back in 2014.


That predominantly automatic and handwound mechanical watches looks gorgeous, which even includes Calibre 39 and 89 complications with 1728 unusual parts, ability to add a day to every Leap Year, 2800 star chart, and a stunning look to make them super jealous.


All you need to do is spend $79569 for impressing him like never before.


  1. Lange & Söhne

Now, this is something huge and breathtaking. Not just the watch is famous for its quality, material, and accuracy, but for the artfulness, it has. Started by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in a small town of Germany, these were used by German pilots way back in 1845.

a lange_sohne

Your guy will not get enough of looking at this super lavish watch with a eye-catching design and tough leather strap, which make it last longer or say forever!

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The watch will cost you around $27000, which will make him fall in love with you everlastingly.

Nothing will impress him like a watch and when it is a luxury, you don’t have to do anything to love you more. Of course, these watches are expensive, but nothing can match the value of your unconditional love for him.

So, go ahead, surprise him with these awesome watches, let your relationship bloom, and let him know how much you love him.


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