Top 5 Tips for Making Your Eyelash Extensions Last!

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We know what you’re thinking, eyelash extensions? There’s no way that could be healthy for your already existing, yet stumpy, eyelashes. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t blessed with long, luscious lashes. We’ve heard the disadvantages and consequences of eyelash extensions from many who have tried, failed, and never looked back. However, Angela May, Founder of Dreamlash Academy has the scoop on how to make eyelash extensions work for you and actually last.

Take care to avoid hot showers, saunas, hot yoga, tanning beds, and any excessive heat for the next 24 hours: 

Since the lashes are new and fresh, they are sensitive to heat and steam shortly after the application. It’s important to try your best to avoid excessive heat in order for your extensions to be in the best shape possible.

Apply Coating Sealant every day: 

The coating sealant is necessary to maintain the look that you want and keep your lashes in tact. To prevent them from falling out, the coating sealant is basically like a nutrient for their survival.

Avoid mascara – Just don’t do it: 

Continual application and removal of mascara will dramatically shorten the lifespan of your lashes. The whole point of eyelash extensions is to embrace a natural look-with the extensions your lashes are more fuller and lengthier, demonstrating all the effects of mascara.

Avoid Clamp-Style Eyelash curlers. They will break your extensions and your natural lashes: 

Eyelash curlers are the vein of our existence when it comes to eyelash extensions. They are actually not necessary when you do have extensions because they already have a natural curl.

Touching your lash extensions will shorten their lifespan:

No rubbing, touching, picking or pulling. Lashes last the longest for people who don’t touch them. Although your eyes might feel a little funky post eyelash extensions, it’s important not to touch them. Let your extensions be and let them run it’s course.


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