5 Must-Haves for Your Weekend Trip

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Summer has finally arrived which mean travel season is here! If you’re planning a few weekend trips, whether it’s to the lake house, camping or going out on the town to say, Sin City, you’ll want to pack the essentials that’ll make your experience that much better. Here are five must-haves that will provide convenience so you can focus all energy on your short vacay.

  1. A Large Tote Bag

Since you’re only traveling for a couple days, ditch the unnecessary suitcase and simply throw all the necessities into a large tote bag. This will force you to narrow down your things-to-pack to include what you’ll actually utilize, and thus pack lighter for more mobility to move around with ease. Be sure to consider the conditions of the trip. For example, if you’re flying on an airplane, you might want to get a tote that has a zipper so nothing falls out as you commute. If you’re doing a mini beach adventure, a tote that’s water proof will bode well while you dip your toes in the ocean and have some fun in the sun.

  1. Sunglasses

Don’t forget to bring your sunglasses, often forgotten and sorely missed when the suns is beaming. Try investing in a quality pair like Ray-Ban sunglasses—they’ll protect your eyes from the UV rays and provide a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience so you can soak in the gorgeous views as you site see. You can even customize your own pair so you’ll never mix them up with anyone else’s.

  1. Wireless Speakers

Whether it’s some tunes on the sand while playing some beach volleyball, campfire jams accompanying marshmallow-roasting time or turning up during a pregame in the hotel room before the club, adding music to your travels will amplify your experience and get you in the mood wherever you go. A portable speaker like the UE Boom comes clutch to set the tone for a good time all weekend long.

  1. Dry Shampoo

With so much to do and so little time, in a foreign place calling for exploration, a shower is not always accessible, but a bottle of dry shampoo does come very handy. Spray away to ensure your hair looks on point for all the pictures you’ll snap and new people you might meet!

  1. Portable Phone Charger

You already know your phone will be clutch during travels. It gives you access to communication, the ability to take pictures and videos, helps you navigate around, and connects you to the internet should you need on-the-spot information. Buy a portable charger to make sure your favorite travel buddy doesn’t die on you in the midst of the adventures. There are so many different options to pick from, be it phone case with built-in charger or stylish, light-weight chargers to carry with you—choose the one that best fits your needs so you’ll be powered up at all times.

These must-have items allow for much-needed convenience as you travel and will set you up for smooth sailing on the next weekend trip. So go on and pack them, and get on your way for what’s about to be the best trip ever!


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