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Bling in His Ring: Why More Men Are Choosing Wedding Bands With Diamonds

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Like all other forms of fashion, jewelry has evolved over the years. What’s on point for women and men today is nothing like previous decades. One of the more noticeable changes in recent years is diamond baubles made just for men.

There’s a reason the selection of diamond rings for men seems to be getting larger – more gentlemen are adding a little bling to their ensemble. One of the biggest factors fueling the trend is diamond-studded wedding bands.

Trends in Diamond Wedding Bands for Him

Black Diamonds and Gold – Men that want a bit of bling that’s still subdued are opting for black diamonds. They have been on trend with unconventional brides for a handful of years, and the dark coloring can help give bands a more masculine appearance. Black gold can give the wedding band an even stronger look that lets the sparkle of the diamonds pop.

Squared Off Shapes – Curves are usually associated with women, so it isn’t surprising that square diamonds and patterns are popular among men. Some grooms keep it simple with a single square-cut diamond in the center of the band while others add square patterns with more flourish.

Bands Within Bands – Another bold design choice is a wedding band that has multiple rows of small diamonds that wrap all the way around. Some guys choose to keep it monochromatic, but if you want to make a statement go for a wedding band that alternates the diamond colors.

Blue Diamonds – Blue is the color most often associated with boys, so it makes sense that men would gravitate towards blue diamonds. Men that like to show off a unique style without going over-the-top are choosing a pave setting with small blue diamonds to add a hint of color and tons of shine.

Side-by-Side Princess Cut Diamonds – When square, princess cut diamonds are placed side-by-side it creates a block effect that’s very strong looking. It almost looks like one solid, heavy gemstone, which creates a masculine look.

Tips for Choosing Diamond Wedding Bands That Are Made for Men

Men should avoid fashion mistakes just like women, especially when it comes to something like a wedding band that’s worn every day. These tips will help you scope out the diamond ring selection to find options that look great on a man’s hand.

Balance the Band With Your Finger

A slim band on a thick finger is going to look imbalanced. Likewise, a thick band on a slim finger is going to look too chunky. This can affect the style as well as the type of diamonds used in the band.

Consider Your Work and Lifestyle

Some guys use their hands for hard labor a lot. If you (or your groom) are one of those guys this should be taken into consideration. Titanium is a good option because it’s lightweight yet extremely durable. If you prefer gold stick with 14-karat – it’s more durable than higher karat weights.

Size It for All Seasons – The fit of a wedding band is quite possibly the most important part. It should fit snuggly without cutting off your circulation. When you’re trying on sizes keep in mind that your fingers may swell and shrink a little depending on the season. It helps to size your ring finger in the afternoon when your body temperature is normal.

Choose the Bride and Groom Wedding Bands Together – The wedding bands don’t have to match exactly, but it’s nice when the bride and groom bands compliment one another. Just like you, the wedding bands are a pair, and they represent your bond to one another. If nothing else the bands should be made of the same material.

The #1 rule of finding the perfect wedding band is to choose one that suits your personal taste. Don’t put too much emphasis on what’s trending right now unless it’s your style that you’ve always liked. After all, trends come and go, but you’re going to wear your wedding band every day for the rest of your life.

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