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Online shopping is every woman’s current favorite hobby… well… almost every woman’s. But sometimes what you order doesn’t quite fit you well. Realistically speaking, it’s a bit difficult, since you can’t really try on a dress before buying it when making an online purchase. Nevertheless, getting a perfect fit is still possible, just follow these simple pointers and you’ll never waste a swipe of your credit card on an over grown pillow cover or a body wrap to squeeze you to death.

Get accurate body measurements

Of course, one of the fundamentals of buying what fits you best is knowing what fits you best! It’s a little difficult when making an online purchase because the website doesn’t have a try-on room. So before you decide to click the ‘buy’ button and end up with a worthless hit to your credit card, you’re better off knowing your own measurements. Now there are two ways you can go about getting your measurements for the perfect online fit. First; get a professional to take them for you, which is obviously the better and more recommended of the two, and second; take them yourself by simply following a DIT measurement guide online.

Always check for sizing charts

Online boutiques are emerging is one of the fastest growing and most lucrative e-businesses nowadays. That’s a good thing, because you actually have a really big variety to choose from. The downside however is that each brand has its own standards – a size 10 at might not be the same at Forever21. In fact, some stores just might stick to very generic S, M, and L scale to confuse visitors and shoppers even more. To avoid the confusion and accidently order something that’s too large or too small, always check for a detailed sizing cart on the website before making a purchase. If you can’t find one, write them an email to send you details.

Always read reviews

Women love shopping, be it online or offline. And they love to give out their opinion too. So if you’re buying some summer style favorites from a website for the first time, search for a couple of online reviews and browse for some useful insights. True, online reviews and the authenticity is largely questionable, but if you read generally positive stuff, then I guess there isn’t much to worry about.

Make your own notes

If you’re a frequent online buyer, then this is of great relevance to you. Based on your own experiences of which e-store offers better sizes and which doesn’t, which store is more accurate when it comes to tallying mentioned sizes and actual measurements and which one isn’t, you can probably jot down a couple of useful pointers for yourself for future reference. That way you’ll know which stores fit you better and what to buy from where in general. You’ll also be able to shortlist the places to throw in the ‘never again’ category.

Try custom

If you’re really picky about sizes and garments not fitting you properly, then maybe you should try out online boutiques that do custom wear. The idea does sound grand and more of an option that you would want to consider for ‘that special dress,’ but customized fashion has actually been around for quite some time now. But if you get the first step of getting your measurements right horribly wrong, a made-to-order experience is going to be nothing less than your worst nightmare ever.

And lastly, if you can find yourself a tailor or a seamstress, that would be the best thing ever because that easy, even if you accidentally buy something that’s juts large, you can always have it altered to a perfect fit.

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