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MENESTHO is making major strides in the luxury ready-to- wear space by addressing the concerns of modern-day consumers. Shoppers often have to make concessions between looking fashionable and spending their dollars on products that align with their values, but MENESTHO eliminates having to choose between the two; combining inspired, on-trend designs with high-quality, sustainable manufacturing and organic materials, MENESTHO is presenting young professional women with the option to look good while supporting ethical practices in fashion.


Although ethical in practice — manufactured solely in the UK using only cruelty-free, organic fabrics — MENESTHO has a totally on-trend aesthetic. Named after the water nymph daughter of mythological gods Oceanus and Titus, MENESTHO speaks to the spirit of travel, beauty and nature evoked in its designs. Featuring dramatic harem pants, daring halters, flowing organza skirts, and sensually tailored jackets, to name a few, MENESTHO offers jet-set style reflective of bespoke luxury fit for any occasion. Classic European forms meet vibrant patterns digitally printed onto high-quality materials like cruelty-free silk, lightweight organic bamboo, and wrinkle- free breathable hemp. Maintaining a focus on form and function, MENESTHO creates wearable garments that are comfortable, versatile and easy to care for, making them perfect for the modern woman on the go.


Most recently, MENESTHO has expanded to be now be available for purchase in the US online through Limeset (http://limeset.com) and Popmap (http://popmap.com). With pieces ranging from $200.00 – $600.00, MENESTHO is luxury ready-to-wear at a moderate price-point that rivals today’s high-street favorites.

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