Millennials are changing the workplace

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Millennials are the newest and largest generation to enter the workforce. They are bringing about big changes to work culture. Though they are known as the laziest, most entitled generation they are changing work as we know it.

Millennials are people aged from 18 to 34. Millennials are known as the lazy and entitled generation when it comes to the workplace. They are the generation that expects way too much with no motivation to put in the work to get it. According to Forbes, millennials are the largest generation to be entering the U.S. workforce. So, they are bound to make a difference in the work they do. Despite their reputation, millennials are putting in long hours and making a difference.[1]

Millennials have a care not just for success, but their community as well. This is known as the “triple bottom line” way of thinking, which means thinking of people and the planet in addition to profit. This eco-friendly way of thinking has pushed companies to think of how they can be more sustainable in their daily practices.

They care about the workplaces ethical ideas. They stand for diversity, flexibility and better balance of work and life.[2]

This generation has grown up with technology and know how it operates. They work on finding the most efficient way to get the job done. They are willing to try new ways of doing work. They work toward efficiency and effectiveness.[3]

With the growth of technology, employers expect that emails be monitored 24/7. Millennials suggest that they be allowed to do their work with some flexibility upon the long hour expectations. This also translates into the location of “work”.Typically work is in an office cubicle, but with technology it can be done anywhere and millennials are taking advantage of that. Technology is also changing many departments like HR. HR software like is becoming a new way of dealing with HR. This shows how important technology is in the work environment.

Millennials want to find work that they are passionate about and that they feel they can make a difference doing. They do not want to accept any position, they see the value in what they are doing and want to do what makes them happy.

The generation desire and enforce open communication in the workplace. These 18 to 34 year olds have come custom to directly tweeting at celebrities and companies, which has taught them the importance of open communication[4]

It is a time of transition in the workplace because of the newest generation to enter it and this may just end up changing the world. Even though it may be different from the world we know, it could end up being better- just keep an open, positive mind on the matter.







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