Noteworthy Gardening Ideas for 2016

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Gardens are and will always be a part of most homes, regardless of how subtle or extravagant it is. However, just like fashion, it can be influenced by trends. There is more to this than just updating yours and making it fit for the current fad. Some gardening ideas are also meant to make your life easier. Still not sure how that would be possible? Read on for noteworthy ideas that are shaping gardens this 2016.

Splash of Colors

When one looks at a garden, the most expected colors to be seen are green and brown. However, all the way from Europe, using bolder and more vibrant colors is becoming a hype. Not only does it make things interesting, it also creates a background that is worth the attention. So even if you have simple or non-flowering plants, you can make sure that colors are bound to satisfy any meticulous eye.

Veggies and Fruits

Who says only grandma has the right to planting fruits and veggies? Even fashionistas and bachelors are now into the “grow your own food” trend. Aside from being a source of relaxation and healthful food, edible gardens are truly beautiful. You don’t even have to dedicate a whole soil bed for it. Some can be grown in pots, both indoors and outdoors.

Upscaled Hang-out Area

In the past, a bench was good enough for hanging out in the garden. Nowadays, people like to spend more time outdoors, thus, upscaling the outdoor space is but the right thing to do. You are likely to see more couches, daybeds, gazebos, and even bars and kitchens in gardens. All these to make the outdoor hang-out or party experience a lot more convenient.

Dramatic Lights

Since people are spending more time outdoors, lighting would be a necessity. Now, don’t just go with any type of lighting. LED bulbs are such a trend because not only do they emit vibrant illumination, they are also energy-efficient. You can keep your outdoor lights on all night without having to worry about your bill at the end of the month. You can ask a landscape designer to help you pick the right spots to install lights at and what type would work best for your space and your lifestyle.


Nothing is more sensible than having your own outdoor recreational area at home. Adults, kids, and pets alike will definitely benefit from it. However, most homeowners are worried about the high maintenance effort that a manicured lawn would demand. Good thing there are artificial landscaping turf options available nowadays which are easier to manage and clean. This is ideal if you are planning on creating a playground, mini golf course, or merely a picnic area right outside your home.

Sustainable Designs

Landscapes that are made to be sustainable are more inclined towards function rather than aesthetics. There really is no sense in having an extremely beautiful garden if it does not function for your convenience. Nowadays, you can have outdoor spaces designed to provide solutions for excessive storm water, flooding, or even erosion. These are becoming a requirement in most residential settings and, thus, will be more prevalent this year and the years to come.

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