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Every trip I take uptown to Harlem begins at the corner of 126 and Lenox, where one of the hippest restaurant is streaming out it’s new line of summer food.   Opened 4 years ago, this Historic Hot Spot in Upper Manhattan has undoubtedly made its mark by serving up some of the best American Comfort Cuisine.  From what used to be the hub of African culture with it’s historic black roots, Harlem is now seeing an influx of diverse patrons all eager to experience the eclectic Uptown vibe.  With restaurants popping up all over town, the competition to stay ahead of the market and attract the new emerging crowd is critical.  In essence, Harlem has become one of the fastest changing neighborhoods in NYC and The Corner Social has been at the forefront of it’s restaurant boom.  With it’s mix of old an new it’s attracting diners from all around the world.
We stepped into the kitchen with Executive chef Elpidio Escamilla who showed us how to whip up some of their most popular dishes.  First up on the menu was their mouth watering Argentinean empanadas. Stuffed with angus beef and served with a side of baby arugula, apple salad and a lightly spiced chimichuri sauce. Hands down, the best empanadas we’ve had in ages.  Next on the menu was seafood. Elpidio insisted we try their popular blue point oysters.  Broiled in butter and drizzled with bacon bits and parmesan cheese, these were defiantly not your typical offerings.
After that, he prepared for us a white wine in tomato sauce Chilean sea bass that was seared to perfection and served on a bed of garlic spinach with caramelized onions and mushrooms.
As we feasted on their amazing dishes, we were in for a bit of a surprise when he prepared for us something that just debut on their menu in a bold way.  A 36 ounce Tomahawk steak served with mushrooms, sautéed french beans, and sliced red bliss potatoes.  They are the only restaurant in Harlem serving up steak in this gargantuous sized proportion.  Whether its for a casual brunch on a Sunday afternoon or a weekend dance spot, one thing is for sure, at The Corner Social, there is defiantly something for everyone.   And If you are searching for a bit of fun on a week night, make sure to stop by Americana Tuesdays, where the sounds of live music intermixed with the hottest beats will sure to have you dancing the summer away.  To find out more information on The Corner Social or their hours of operation, log onto  thecornersocialnyc.com

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