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You can get some great deals and save a lot of time if you book your travel tickets online. Follow the steps we outline and save money and time on your next trip.

Quick, what’s the most frustrating part about going on holiday? Is it reaching the place and not liking it as much as everybody promised you would? Is it tucking into a sumptuous meal and falling ill the next day? Or is it going abroad and finding that the airline lost your bags?

All of these are horrible things to happen, certainly, but the most frustrating part actually begins with booking your air tickets.

Booking your tickets and holiday, tests you the most – you have to juggle dates, find the best connecting flights and more importantly, good airlines to take you safely from spot A to spot B. Booking the wrong tickets can start you on the wrong foot and upset you even before your holiday begins. But there are ways to do it right and make the most of your flight experience: and it starts with booking your air tickets online.

Why book online?

Easy to research. You can run a quick search for the air tickets you want on specific dates, and your search engine will throw a lot of options in airlines and prices your way. Within minutes, you can find the best flights at prices that are suitable to your budget, or even tie up with tour operators to book the flight and visa for you. There’s no need to wait in line to get tickets when you can do so in minutes online.

You get excellent deals. Airlines encourage online air ticket booking because it is faster and easier to process. In return, they have many international anddomestic flight offers in terms of discounts on the tickets, or a novel experience or even a special package for two if booked within a certain time frame. You can book immediately if you are surfing for tickets online and avail of international and domestic flight offers for savings.

You can save money by booking early. Most fliers make the mistake of booking tickets at the last minute. This can lead to delays and costly seats, especially during the holiday peak season. Generally, booking your tickets at least three months in advance get you good discounts or lower rates than booking closer to your departure date.

You can split your departure and arrival flights. You will find that booking a round trip on the same airline costs you more money than booking separate flights for arrival and departure. When browsing online, look up many airlines for your chosen dates and select the ones that offer convenient timings, good seats and good fares on single journeys than others. Sometimes, round trips cost lower. You’ll get a lot of space to try the cheapest air ticket combo.

You can book inexpensive slots. Did you know that the midnight to early morning flights – also known as Red Eye flights – offer lower seat rates than others? Most fliers tend to book mid-morning, late noon or evening flights, which are considered prime flying times. Hence, the tickets on these flights are more expensive. Weekend tickets are also costlier than weekday ones. If you want cheaper air tickets, book yourself on a weeknight Red Eye flight which will have vacant seats that airlines will be happy to sell.


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