Slim v Skinny: What to wear?

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There’s so much choice when it comes to shopping for jeans that it can be tough to know where to start – the modern retailer’s selection is far from limited. There’s a style and shade for any occasion and any shopper and their sheer flexibility helps them to be a staple part of pretty much any wardrobe, for men and women.

For some people, jeans can be a smart and slimming option for the bottom half of a stylish outfit. If that’s the look you’re hoping for then you still have a choice of style. Slim fit and skinny jeans each offer a different look and have their strengths and weaknesses. Here are some points to consider before you take the plunge and purchase your next pair…


Skinny jeans have become as synonymous with hipsters as beards, oversized specs and flavoured lattes in recent years, but you don’t have to be a card-carrying hipster or a wet behind the ears indie-loving teen to be able to wear a pair with pride. Click here to look at a selection.

If you’ve got a petite pair of legs then these can definitely deliver an effective look for you, provided you pair them up in the right outfit. For example, Fashion Beans talks of the importance of not falling into the ‘all tight everything’ look – with skinny jeans most effective with a pair of boots or big trainers and an oversize knit jumper or T shirt.

Those bony legs you’ve been ridiculed can, at last, be an asset in a pair of jeans that clings all of the way from your hips to your ankles.


Let’s be honest though, not all of us could pull that look off. If your legs are simply not tiny enough to squeeze into a pair of skinny jeans – or if your top half is well-built and you don’t want to look too top heavy – then you can still get a slimming look from a slim fit pair of jeans.

In fact, some people would passionately argue against the skinny jeans full stop. Real Men Real Style would certainly count itself in that camp.

It argues: ‘This is a passing trend much like the airplane wide shouldered suits of the 80s, square-toe shoes and matching dress shirts with tie sets. Picture leaders and men of influence, stylish men – can you imagine any of them wearing skinny jeans?

This is a statement piece for the young and rebellious that is already waning in popularity.’

Not fans then. But they and others point to the fact that slim fit jeans are a more comfortable way of wearing slimming denim and are more of a classic trouser cut that is not as likely to pass out of fashion so readily. They also match much more easily with different choices of outfit.

Slim fit jeans hug your figure but are more in line with straight cut – they are close fitting with no flares or narrowing cuts. For many people slim fit jeans are a much safer bet. They deliver style and comfort and allow you to be flexible with your choice of outfit – smart or casual. Young, trendy, super-slim men and women might well be catered for by skinny jeans – but their appeal, like their cut, is narrower.






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