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The 10 Most Popular Moving Destinations and Why

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Not so long ago the trend was to get away from the cities and into the suburbs, but now that trend may be reversing. The allure of city culture is driving more people back to urban centers all across the US. Here are the ten cities that take the top spots as moving destinations.

  1. Atlanta, GA

According to Zillow, Atlanta home values have gone up by 12% over the past year. It has a strong economy with a GDP of $270 billion. Atlanta’s charm and amenities have made it the list-topper for the past four years.

  1. Tampa/Sarasota, FL

More people are leaving the frigid winter for this humid city on the Gulf of Mexico. It’s home to thriving tech and healthcare industries. Sarasota is a smaller (pop. 54,000+) community just an hour to the south. Tampa home values are up 11.4%.

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

This is the 5th largest metropolitan area in the US with a population of 676,000 since 2010. It’s become a thriving job center with growing technology and traditional industries, with a GDP in Dallas alone of over $500 billion. Home values have gone up by 12.6% over the last year.

  1. Orlando, FL

Orlando had a population of over 262,000 in 2014. It’s known as a tourist mecca around the world with Universal Studios, Disneyworld, and SeaWorld close by. It’s also a strong economy with a $13.4 billion-per-year tech industry. Home values were up by 12.1% last year.

  1. Phoenix, AZ

With a population of 1,563,025 people in 2015, the metropolitan area is known as “the Valley of the Sun”. The city has averaged a 4% population growth annually since the 1960s . Despite an average high of 106 degrees in July, more companies are looking to Phoenix and it’s beautiful desert scapes. It’s GDP topped $215 million last year. Home values across the board were up 10%.

  1. Houston, TX

At a population of over 2.2 million, it’s the 4th-largest in the US. It has been ranked by Kiplinger’s, Forbes, and Fortune 500 as one of the top business cities in America. Also known by “the Space City” as home to NASA’s Space Center, it continues to attract newcomers with its superior transit system. Home values were up 4.6% last year.

  1. Seattle, WA

Known for misty weather, iconic Space Needle, and great coffee, it’s home to over 684,000 residents and has been one of the fastest growing cities in America at an annual rate of 2.1%. The city GDP of $240 billion comes from a thriving economy that’s a favorite choice for tech startup companies. Home values were up a whopping 15.1% last year.

  1. Chicago, IL

It’s the 3rd-largest city in the US with 2.7 million residents, and has always been the major economic and cultural center in the Midwest. The population peaked in 1950 but in the last few years the colorful “City of Big Shoulders” has been making a comeback. As a major financial center, its GDP is over a half-trillion dollars, and home values are up 9.8%.

  1. Denver, CO

The friendly Mile-High City continues to be a favorite destination for scenery and culture. It’s the biggest city in Colorado with an annual growth rate of 2.8%. It’s become a key trade point with a GDP of around $160 billion and the hometown of familiar national companies like Russell Stover’s, Quiznos, Village Inn, and many more. Home values were up 13.6% last year.

  1. Las Vegas, NV

Famed for its gambling and entertainment, Las Vegas is a city of over 603,000 people. It’s one of the top tourist destinations in the world, driving an economy that also supports a downtown arts district and 68 parks. Las Vegas is an exciting city that continues to attract new residents. Home values improved by 9.4% last year.

If you’re anything like any of the 1 million Americans leaving NY each year, you may want to opt for another city on this list. Once you’re hooked on the excitement and energy of the city, it’s hard to settle for anything less. But there are major cities all across America that offer a unique experience. If you’ve set your sights on one of these as the next chapter in your life, NYC best movers can get you there.

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