Thinking Before Inking

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Tattoos have always been cool and nowadays people like to have them because they are trendy. You can express yourself and decorate your body with this kind of body art. Choose the right one and pick the right place where you would like to decorate yourself, and there will be no mistake about it..

When we were young


The majority of people get tattoos when they are young and there is a possibility that they might change their minds as they get older. You might not like the Mickey Mouse tattoo that you got when you were 16! Also, the tattoo might start fading away and as you get older skin gets wrinkled, it gets saggy and you may even gain weight a bit so it won’t look the same as it was 20 years ago. Take for example the famous actress Pamela Anderson and her barbwire tattoo which started fading away and in the end she had it removed.


After getting a tattoo you may feel uncomfortable for a period of time. However, you must know that there is a possibility of some kind of an infection. If the pain lasts for more than three days after you got the tattoo, you should visit your tattoo artist. If the tattoo is radiating heat and you can feel it if it itches or if it gets red, it means that it is probably inflamed. After visiting the tattoo artist and a doctor you should start taking antibiotics and topical ointment so it could heal properly. The needles can pass infections such as hepatitis and HIV so you should pick the licensed artist that you’ve heard of.


Before getting a tattoo and before even thinking of getting one you should get tested for allergies. Some people may have an allergic reaction to a certain ingredient in tattoo ink. Colored ink usually has more additives than black ink so they can cause allergic reactions as well. Some of the ink (depending on the color) can contain chemicals such as iron oxide, mercury sulfide, ferric hydrate, aluminum, and manganese that can cause the reaction. So if you notice swelling, redness, rash etc. than you should visit the doctor.

Pick the right place


You’ve probably never seen a person with a tattoo on their face working in a school or a bank. Huge one or small, it doesn’t matter, tattoos should be done somewhere appropriate. If you have a specific dress code your boss probably wouldn’t like to look at your tattoo all the time. Pick a place, somewhere maybe more intimate so you wouldn’t have any problems. It is okay to have a small tattoo or even a bigger one on your arm as long as it is not offensive. Although tattoos are permanent you can always consider tattoo removal done by a professional.

Keep it clean

After getting a tattoo you should always listen to the advice from the artist. Wash it very gently with lukewarm water within the first 24 hours after getting a tattoo. Topical ointment or a special kind of a cream is a must-have after getting your body decorated. Wash the tattoo, apply the ointment but never use Vaseline or Neosporin, just leave it so it can breathe and heal naturally. Try not to wear any clothes that may irritate it and avoid the sun in the beginning.


You should carefully think through every step so you could be sure of what you actually want, where you want to put it, how it should be healed and taken care of. Tattoos are something that will never be démodé and how the artists are developing their skills there might not even be any problems in the near future.




Elise is fitness girl from Colorado. She is health and fitness fanatic who adores hiking, long bicycle rides, paragliding and all sorts of extreme sports, after all she did spend hundreds of hours in the air. She loves writing about beauty, health, adventures and experiences.

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