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Timeless Trends – Shop for a Classic Prom Gown

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Finally. It’s time for you to look for a dress for your school’s prom. You know this much: it’s formal and fancy. And, that you want to look good. Low-light, high-light whatever the facial contouring trend currently is, you will on it. You’re considering the kind of light you’ll be seen in, too. The bright light of pre-summer early evening, the glow of the light of the inside of the car, limo or whatever transportation you’ll be using.  Finally, the light inside the prom venue – it’s likely to be darkish, but not pitch dark, and, the bottom line, you want to be sure you look your best in whatever setting you’re in.
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The Timeless Forever Dream Dress

Teen girls throughout the country dream of the glory of prom and the signature prom dress, hoping for a shop that will magically carry their entire imagined dream dresses, a boutique open seven days a week.

Take a Clue from the History of Prom

Today’s proms are laden with ceremony – maybe even more so from its humble beginnings. Did you know that “prom” is an abbreviation of the antiquated word “promenade?” In the late 1800s, the promenade was the introduction of party guests via a promenade or walk around the room or location.

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Ivy League Distinction and Tradition

Back then, prom was focused on college or university aged students — generally in the northeast — as a means of social interaction and blending into society. Ivy League Schools (traditionally considered Columbia, Yale, Harvard, Dartmouth, Brown, University of Pennsylvania, Cornell, and Princeton) held what were then called “presentation week,” replete with formal gowns, dancing and a concert.

The First Prom?

There are many who trace the actual origin of the word prom and its association with a formal dance from the diary of a student at the then all-male Amherst College, who discussed an invitation from a gal from Smith to attend prom with her. By the dawn of the 20th century, prom had trickled down to high schools and the iconic event blew up all over the United States.

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Swingin’ and Swimmin’

If you’ve seen the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” proms back in the 1930s were much like the dance where George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) and Mary Hatch (Donna Reed) dance to the lively “Buffalo Girls Won’t You Come Out Tonight,” and fall into the swimming pool, when the gym floors open up to reveal it (trivia – the filming location is a real school – Beverly Hills High School – and the gym and pool are still used!).

Modern Gowns, Vintage Inspired

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Take a cue from the past and look into classic gear – maybe a traditional 1930s or 1940s era tux for your date and a vintage-inspired dress for you. This means, go classy and sophisticated, turn away from all things even remotely Kardashian. Check out the prom dress collection at Peaches Boutique if you are looking for elegant dress with clean lines.

Gowns from Jovani, La Femme and Faviana can combine modern craftsmanship with inspiration from days gone by. Consider simple colors popular “back then,” like dark blue, soft pink or light blue.  Look for collar details and perhaps a more modest bodice.

You cannot go wrong opting for a classic dress, whether you choose one that is cocktail or floor length, and you’ll be swept away on the dance floor, as your classmates are swept away by your classic beauty.


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