Which game best reflects your personality?

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With the vast array of games to play, it is sometimes hard to choose which one is right for you. There are online games, card games, and board games to name a few varieties, and they all differ greatly in the kind of thrill they offer. These pastimes also appeal to and reflect different personality types, which is why certain people are drawn to particular games. So how can you choose the game that is right for your personality?


Online games

There are plenty of games online designed for players to play on their own. Roulette is an ideal game for introverts who like to be challenged, as it only involves them playing against the wheel but the difficulty lies in working out the best systems to play it. If you feel like this is your personality type then this game may suit you. The game allows you to play at your own pace, really think about things before making a move, and there is no need for any human interaction. And at sites like 32red there are plenty of online roulette options to ensure you never get bored.  On 32red there are six varieties of roulette, all with detailed instructions on how to play and a 24/7 helpdesk should you need to query anything.

Slot machines attract a certain personality type that you may not expect. A study by Sandy Chen at the Oregon State University found that the most common profile of a slot machine player is a female homeowner with a college education. Chen labelled their personality type as “utilitarian, excitement, multipurpose, and relaxation gambling seekers.” If this sounds like you, then there are various sites to play slot machines online. 32red has a slot machine section with daily freerolls, and Casino Room gives players a first time deposit bonus to play slots with.
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Card games

Games like Solitaire and Blackjack are one player games that would suit introverts, but there are plenty of other card games that have a great sociability aspect to them. These would befit an extrovert type of person who enjoys the company of others. You could invite friends round to play Bridge or Rummy, and there are also a number of games to play online that allow for interaction between players.

Online poker is a tremendously admired game, which is played by millions of people all over the world. Because there are so many diverse ways to play it, a number of personality types could be on display in any given game. Some sites speculate that there are as many as ten different poker personality types. There is no doubt, though, that this is a game for players who like to manipulate their opponents, and seek to gain the upper hand in a battle of wits. Poker players must be ruthless. There is also the opportunity for extroverted players to socialise while playing, as some sites like Pacific Poker allow players to chat to the other people at the table.

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Board games

Board games are another genre of gaming that can attract an assortment of personality types, and it really depends on the game you are playing. Some board game fanatics have tried to group the personality types most commonly found among board game players and surmised that there are around five main traits.

Competitive and analytical types could play Settlers of Catan, which has a great emphasis on planning, caution, and building, but there is also risk involved when trying to conquer and defeat your opponents. Players of this type may also enjoy the classic game of Risk, which involves forward planning and building, and biding one’s time to build up a strong enough army to take over the whole board.

Other players may lean towards an interactive and problem-solving personality type. For these kinds of players Cluedo could be an excellent choice, working out who committed the murder before their opponents.

These are just a few examples of course-there are hundreds of games out there to suit all types of person. But if you feel that any of the above rings true for you, try playing some new games to suit your personality today.

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