4 Reasons Why the Airport Should Be Your Next Go-To for Direct Connection

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Say it with me ladies, the bar scene is so overrated.  And one more time altogether – just to at least pretend and believe you.  Once beyond that golden age of 25 and heading downhill fast, realization sets in when it comes to picking up relying on weekend binge sessions is no longer acceptable. Depending on the quality of man and type of relationship that you’re seeking, loud music, sticky floors and barely there clothes serve more like community keys to booty call central.  And while there’s definitely no shame in opening that door every once in awhile, it’s time to change up the game if you’re ready for a win.

Real talk, when’s the last time that you had a genuine conversation with a stranger? Meaning an exchange of words, more than simply locking eyes or sharing smiles. If you can’t recall right away, it’s because you’re doing all of that flirting with your phone and missing out on the opportunity for physical interaction just a finger-length away. The partner that doesn’t leave your hand while walking down the street, riding on the bus or sharing gossip and giggles over coffee is the biggest cock block you know: #mindblown.

As long as online dating sites continue to take over relationship culture and perpetuate society’s desire to constantly be plugged in, professionals will remain of the opinion that aside from profile prowling is the easiest form of getting a like.  How wrong you are my on the grind, overly basic routine clouded friends.  Read on to learn why the airport should be your next go-to for direct connection.

Oh the Possibilities…

Today everyone travels: dysfunctional families, buttoned up suits, history buffs, adventure seekers, wandering hippies, the list goes on. On the daily, airports are filled with travellers of varying ages, occupations and backgrounds.  While a common complaint is that there are few standard ways to meet new people, there’s no such thing as slim pickings when it comes travel.  The market for window-shopping grows exponentially in an airport, zero in on your standard type through giveaways like passenger wear, final destination and seat selection.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the people watching.

Happy Days

Unless you’ve got a one-way ticket to in-law living, most are happy to be escaping the dull repetition of their normal lives. After overcoming the long lines, baggage hassle and security checkpoints, those ready to board are all smiles (granted the weather is co-operating and their flight is running on time). Whether the reason for travel is business or leisure, good times are ahead, which means people are all about chummin’ it up and over sharing with their neighbors. For once in your life, you have a reason to make the most of small talk.

The Waiting Game

Getting out of the airport in one piece is all about destroying the waiting game. Between the early check-in and lengthy flight time, a girl’s got time to scope the scene, mingle with the single crowd and swap digits if potential is a thing of the present. Considering the gate boundaries, snug fit on board and constant crossing of paths during stopovers, faces become familiar quickly. Take advantage of the close quarters and what is sure to feel like a stop in the clock. Sparking conversation about upcoming travel plans is easy, breezy and a great starting point. Cross your fingers for a perfect seat placement.  In which case, your mission is to own the armrest.

Grub Love

Comfy clothes are widely accepted as the only way to travel. Regardless of your final destination, the method of transportation always proves to be cold. It’s all about reppin’ the layers and keeping your carry on close. When faced with overnight travel: hair be tangled, breath be rank and bra be off. No shame in bringing your game back to the bare basics. If he still asks for your name after a noticeably lousy sleep and possible snorefest, he’s the real deal. Grab on tight and don’t let him fly away.





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