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How to Introduce the Latest Wellness Trends to your Everyday Life

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In 2015, we saw the rise of smoothies, fitness omnivores and vegan restaurants. The year 2016 will also be an exciting one for wellness enthusiasts all over the world, as the concept of healthy living is undeniably here to stay. From drinks and retreats down to novel forms of therapies, here is a list of wellness trends you will love this year.

Healthy Good Morning Drinks


As consumers become increasingly turned off by sugars and preservatives in pasteurized juices, cold-pressed alternatives are gaining momentum. Suja, Moon Juice, Jugo Fresh, Punch Box and, especially Juicero are the companies changing mass-production of juices in years to come. A home version of cold-pressed juice is made with a hydraulic press, using pressure to extract liquid from fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, cold-pressed juices you find in stores are made using a method called high pressure processing. With this pasteurization method, bottled juices are placed into cold water under high pressure. The shelf-life is increased from 4 to 45 days.

Apart from juices, a cup of warm lemon water is also packed with all the goodness you can imagine. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant with a highly important function – fighting free radicals. This super healthy drink aids digestion, strengthens the liver and maintains the health of the eyes. Finally, as lemon is an alkalizer, it balances the pH levels in the body.

Home-based Wellness Retreat

A fast-paced life has its own advantages. Now you can create your own spiritual retreat and enjoy the little things in life in the comfort of your home. Remove toxins found in indoor air by using house plants. Not only are Aloe Vera, snake plant, bamboo palm, Christmas cactus, bromeliads and dracaena colourful and low-maintenance plants, but they filter the air, too. You can also consider natural air filter options, such as beeswax candles, bamboo charcoal and salt lamps.


Daylighting regulates circadian rhythms, increases productivity and improves mood. Unless you are planning to remodel your house, there are ways to increase the existing amount of light. You can opt for white, or light-coloured walls which reflect as much light as possible. If you have dark walls, make sure you paint the ceiling in a lighter colour. Place mirrors opposite each other and avoid light-blocking window treatments.

Now that you have fresh indoor air and a lot of natural light, you can make your own yoga studio. If you are a yoga newbie, take a yoga course online. The home-study programme can help you learn about different types of yoga, yoga history, meditation, the chakra system, ayurvedic medicine as well as starting your own yoga business.

Health-minded Travel

Due to its relaxing mind-body effect, wellness travel dominates travel trends in 2016. Cool retreats focusing on surfing and stand-up paddleboarding, including the Hotel Komune Bali and the SurfSet Fitness are a shining example of the fusion of water sports with spa, massage, fitness, yoga and organic food. If you would like a little bit of anthropological spirituality at the resort, head to Mexico for a temazcal, an ancient healing ritual. A recently popular contrast therapy combines extreme adventures with Zen meditation, or massage, resulting in the ultimate relaxation. Visit some of the numerous health retreats in Australia, where you can enjoy watching whales and walking through a rainforest and simply reconnect with nature and learn a  lot about healthy habits and proper nutrition.


The Costa Rica’s Rio Perdido creates a perfect balance of adrenaline rushes and hot springs. If you are not into crazy extreme sports, consider wellness festivals, such as Wanderlust. A floating retreat is another trend waiting to be discovered. A large number of onboard wellness facilities offer one-of-a-kind de-stressing.

Sound Bath Meditation

Sonic meditation is catching on across the world. According to the experts, sound therapy can decrease the stress response by improving the parasympathetic autonomic nervous system tone. Yoga and wellness studios have been the ones hosting sound baths, but now you can find studios dedicated to this ancient practice only. Before you immerge yourself in this novel type of meditation, visit a sound bath mecca, the Integratron in the Mojave Desert.


A positive outlook in life is a wellness trend never going out of fashion. Embrace your flaws, strengthen your virtues, realise you are in control of everything surrounding you and love yourself just the way you are.


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