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Reasons Why Vintage Watches Never Go Out of Style

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Ever wonder why some things just don’t lose their sparkle and appeal with the course of time? When looking at vintage watches, it’s clear to see why this has happened. It helps to look at the origins of the wrist watch. Ever since soldiers were giving the watch when fighting in the wars spanning from 1914, the wristwatch has come to carry much meaning. It is not only a fashion piece but it carries and implies status.

The wrist watch has never really come out of fashion and has not lost its charm down the generations. Even with all the hi-tech Apple watches coming out on the market, convenience only goes so far.

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There’s something about a unique timepiece which comes with a rich history. These pieces are harder to come across and buy than the factory made wearable tech ever will be. We don’t envision the Rolex or Omegas being overshadowed by Apple watches any time soon!

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  • Proof vintage watches are still growing in popularity.

Research has proven it. Despite all of these ever popular technology brands in the digital age, wristwatches are still winning. This article from Business Insider shows that the sales of vintage wrist watch brands such as Piaget, Rolex and more are still growing in sales. Quality watches will always hold their value so are well worth the investment.

  • Other reasons why vintage wrist watches will never go out of fashion….

As we mentioned previously, ever since the War days, the wrist watch has been a status symbol. From there the watch began to take on a life of its own but this time within the luxury market. Brands and designers saw a sweet spot and some of the most famous ones such as Cartier and Rolex began to capitalize on being a high-end brand.

To own these names became associated with having a tasteful and affluent background not to mention was a great cultural symbol too. Especially when Rolex hit the US market, customers never looked back. It also became more common for people wanting this symbol of status but for more affordable prices.

Another major factor in the vintage watches’ never-ending success is its success in popular culture. From movies to A-list celebs, the Rolexes and OMEGA’s are modelled on the big screen for all to see. This has a powerful effect on the consumer mind. For example, you may recall Bond (“….James, Bond” – sorry couldn’t resist that one!) sporting it in Skyfall.

After this showcase, figures showed a jump in OMEGA sales and interest of up to 20%! These crazy figures prove that vintage brands are still at the forefront of society’s minds. Sometimes they need big marketing stunts such as this but on the whole, the history of these brands speaks for themselves.

In conclusion, it’s plain to see why vintage watches have never lost, and probably never will, lose their value.


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