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We have all seen big supermarkets around us and wondered how people can find so many things at one place. It is not an easy job to set up such a place and all the credit for these places should be giving to shop fitters, people who are involved with shop fittings. To help you understand this better, let us describe what shop fitting is. Shop fitting can be described as fitting of stores and shops with relevant equipment and fittings. This process is applicable for establishments such as grocery stores to supermarkets as well as hypermarkets.

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Who are involved in shop fitting?

When it comes to shop fitting, it can be done by a shop fitter as well as a firm or company. One important thing which is a must for shop fitter is to have the technical abilities to discharge the shop fitting contract. Now this shop fitting contract will involve all the details that will include the fixtures and fittings that are to be installed in the shop or store including all the equipments which are required by the establishment. An important thing that the owners should check before giving away the job to an individual or firm is the knowledge that they have in terms of interior design as it is necessary in this line of work.

The shop fitting cycle

Like any other interior design work, shop fitting also follows a particular process or cycle which it maintains thoroughly. Here are some of the common steps followed for shop fitting cycle to be completed.

  • Survey: One of the first things the shop fitter needs to do is check out the space available for him to work on. It is necessary that they check out the details of the floor space and other intricate information about the place like plumbing facilities of the store, the electrical points, etc. Right measurement is the key here, as any mistake here can be costly for both the shop fitter and owner.
  • Planning: Another important thing that the shop fitters have to do is chalk out a plan of action. This plan involves a design that they think will suit the place. It is imperative that they keep the views of the clients in consideration while they prepare for such a plan in order to make sure that everything goes accordingly. Giving attention to details will be a key for success, so the planning has to be thorough.
  • Approval: The last stage before getting down to work is to get the approval for the design which has been prepared by the shop fitter from the client. This seal of approval here will be an indication that the plan is in accordance to the wishes of the client and it is time to begin work.

shop fittings

New or second hand equipment

One question that needs to be answered before deciding on the equipment that are to be installed is whether they would be first hand or second. Here it is totally at the discretion of the client to direct their shop fitters of what kind of equipments they should choose. Here the shop filters can advise the clients about the benefits and drawbacks of both the used and new equipments but the final decision should be of the client.

A couple of shop fitting ideas

  • Vibrant designs: One good idea as far as shop fitting is concerned has to be to display centric where you employ designs which will allow you to project your product to the customers better.
  • Compact design: What you do here is to use such designs where the shop fitter makes optimum utilization of the floor space all the while making sure that the store or shop doesn’t look shabby or overburdened.

Hope you like the above mention information! If you will follow these tips then you wil definetly able to do best fittings for your Shop.


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