Travel Fit – Building a Strong Core Anywhere

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Hotel gyms often leave much to be desired. The first thing many of us do, after check in, is to survey what accommodations are available during our stay. How far is the ice machine? How late is the bar open? Does the pool smell like a chemical warfare research facility? And finally, is the fitness area even worth my time? The answer to the last question is often no, due to a poorly designed room or equipment that is not properly maintained. At this point the options before us are either a lack-luster training session or watching another episode of hoarders with a box of Mike and Ikes from the vending machine. This has to change!

It’s time to take a break from the infatuation with the gym and start a new relationship, with a more reliable lover: Gravity. Here are four simple exercises that can be done in your room…

Leg lifts

Lie with your back on the floor and place your open hands under your hips for support. Then raise your legs off of the floor until your feet are pointing at the ceiling and then lower legs at half the speed. If it is too difficult to keep your legs straight throughout the entire movement then bend the knees as the legs are being lifted. This is a great exercise if you want to hit all of the “six pack” muscles at once!

Side-to-Side Taps

Now that your abs are starting to feel fatigued, it’s time to really bring the pain! This movement requires only your bodyweight or an object such as a water bottle. Start in a sitting position with your back at a 45-degree angle, with your knees bent. From this point rotate your trunk side to side and tap your fingers or the bottle on the floor next to your hips. The slower the better!

Superman Bridges

If you want to build a strong overall core you need to try these! Start on your hands and knees and raise one arm so that it is pointing directly forward. Now raise the opposite leg as high as you can and balance for four seconds. You will feel a burn in your shoulders; lower back, abs and buns! Alternate sides until you can’t take the burn anymore!!

Glute Bridges

Now it’s time to put the final nail in the coffin of this workout so you can get back to enjoying yourself. Lay with your back on the ground and place your feet roughly a foot away from your butt. Now push your heels against the floor until your butt rises as high as possible! Hold that position for five seconds and then lower hips to the floor and rest for two seconds. When you feel the burn in your buns, you know you are doing it right!

These four exercises can be your first step to ending the unhealthy relationship with hotel gyms! If you push yourself and commit then gravity will never let you down!




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