Best 7 Makeup Tricks for Brown-eyed Women

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Ever wondered how you could achieve the best look for brown eyes? Tried putting on makeup but just can’t get what you want? A lot of women as these questions since they feel like what they’re doing is not really giving their eyes justice. Some worry that they’re not choosing the right colors in their look.

Applying makeup is a common skill for many women and some men, but applying makeup correctly is a talent. Correct usage of makeup allows you to look your best all the time and creates a “perfect” image for others to see. It’s seen in our society as something beautiful and pleasant to the eyes.

There are still some people. However, that fear to do their own makeup. Worry no more ‘cause here’re 7 makeup tricks that sure to make your eyes pop and you won’t ever have to look on the internet on “how to remove bags under eyes”.

1. Know the shade of your eyes

Just knowing that your eyes are brown is not good enough. You have to determine which shade your eyes fall under. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, let’s talk about them a bit more.

Deep brown or Dark Brown

Eyes are very close to being black.

The brown can sometimes only be seen with good lighting.

Medium brown

These are the colors that are very common when it comes to brown eyes.

Eye color is close to or is a chestnut hue.

Light brown eyes

Eye color is close to grayish brown with streaks of gold.

2. Choosing the correct hues

Again, knowing is just half the battle. We’re here to give you tips on which colors are best to use for which eye shade. If you want to amp up your look, try using the best eyelash enhancers on the market.

Deep brown or dark brown eyes should use the medium to dark eye shadows. Lighter spots of color can also help your eyes to look a little less fierce.

Medium brown eyes have a wider range than any of the other shades of brown. Eye liners should be used finely to avoid overpowering the eyes. Also, try a green eye shadow for extra dramatic effect.

Light brown eyes should not be lined with black. A dark brown eye liner should be used as to bring out a more natural color to your iris. Try incorporating a pale yellow highlight to make your eyes glow.

3. Always apply a base color

Don’t be so hasty on applying eye shadow just yet. Make sure to have something that the color can latch on to. This ensures that your look stays on longer, saving you from rushing to the powder room to retouch. A proper base also removes the worry of having lumps on your eyes by applying the eye shadow.

The best way to achieve a good overall look is to choose an eye makeup shade that’s close to your skin tone. Apply the base on your eye with your fingers or by using an eye shadow brush.

4. Apply colors systematically

It is always advisable to start from the lightest shade going to the darkest. When starting, apply the lighter shade from the lash up to the eyebrows. Then follow up by tracing the crease of your eye with a medium shade. Finish up with a dark shade on the other corner of your eyelid.

Following this order will make it easier for you to layer color. This is also good in case you apply too much eye shadow as it’s more difficult to remove the excess if you start from the darker shades. Make sure that you blend upwards and not anywhere else. This makes a better look by creating a fantastic blend of colors that follow the shape of your eyes.

5. Make good use of eye liner

Choosing the right eye liner color can change how your pupils look entirely. Deep brown eyes go well with dark brown and mauve liners, medium brown eyes go exceptionally well with green, while black should be avoided entirely for light brown eyes.

6. Brows are a part of your eyes too

Brows should never be left out when applying makeup. A properly groomed eyebrow can give you the best look combined with your newly learned makeup tricks. Tweezing or threading your brows creates a more refined look as compared to having makeup applied with unruly brows.

You can opt for a two-tone brow makeup kit and use the brow powder to give your brows a fuller look.

5. Mascara, you’ll never go wrong with it

Not only does it give you the image of wonderful lashes, but it also finishes up your entire look.


Never again will you have someone else do your makeup. Just follow these awesome tips and you’re set towards a brand new you.




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