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Fashion Trends Translated into Home Décor

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If you think the only way to rock your favorite fashion trends is to wear them—you’re wrong. Translating popular fashion trends into décor for your home is another way to show off your favorite styles and bring some new life into your rooms.

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Velvet was ruling the runways this fashion season. And while it’s not something you want to overwhelm your home with, a statement velvet piece or two can really give your home some classy accents.

If you’re really into velvet, try a tufted sofa. It’s a bold choice, but it instantly becomes the focal point of the room and something guests will want to talk about. Most of these come in bold colors, so you’ll have to make sure the rest of the room is softer to compliment the sofa. A lounge chair, curtains or some throw pillows are great options if you just want a touch of the velvet in your room.


Plaid is an ever-popular fashion statement that always seems to come back. It’s another thing you want to make sure doesn’t take over the entire room, but some awesome accents are a great touch.

Plaid is great for small decorations to liven the room up, like with throw pillows, a tablecloth or a decorative blanket. Plaid is an awesome pattern for a kitchen too, with your dishtowels and oven mitts, or even the pattern on your plates. If you’re mad for plaid, make it the central theme of the room with bright plaid wallpaper. The colors in the wallpaper can correspond with how you decorate the rest of the room.


Ruffles are perfect for making a harsh room seem a little less masculine and intense—like a home office for example. Ruffled curtains or a slipcover over your office chair. The key to make this trend work is to pick the right furniture to compliment the ruffles for the look you want. You can go with a full-on girly office with bright white furniture, or keep it rustic with some aged-looking wood.


Floral patterns are fabulous for keeping your mood up with bright and colorful clothes, and they’re the best way to make a room feel like springtime the whole year round. Floral walls make a bold statement and make it look like you’re living in a garden. Pairing bright floral walls with white furniture can make even the darkest room look bright and inviting.


If you’re looking for a subtler touch, try floral upholstery on your couches and chairs. For the bedroom, floral bedding is always an attractive touch. And of course with any floral-patterned pieces, accent the room they’re in with actual fresh flowers!

Gold Metallic

No longer just for Vegas showgirls, the runway this year showed how to rock gold metallic without it being too overpowering. Decorating with metallic in your home is also about making sure it isn’t overpowering—it’s all about finding the right balance.

To make sure your house doesn’t look like a hall of mirrors, choose different textures for your gold. Try polished and some spots and brushed in others. Keep the palate of the room neutral as well, and don’t try and combine too many colors. Pick ones that complement the gold, like navy. And start small. Try adding one or two pieces, like a mirror, that are easily removed if you decide they aren’t working out and go from there if you think you want more.


While shearling bomber jackets are all the rage for fashion, there are other ways for you to warm up when it comes to your home. Shearling really warms up a room—both literally and aesthetically.

The most common way to use shearling is with a rug that’s soft and perfect to cover cold hardwood or tile floors. Throw pillows and accent blankets are an easy way to use the material, too, and it’s practical for those items. If you want to make things really cozy, use full-on shearling chairs or stools—or even the headboard of your bed!

Statement Chokers

It’s been a 90s throwback on the runway this season, and chokers are making their big comeback. But how do you incorporate something like this into your home décor? Chokers are all about making a statement. They’re bold necklaces that are meant to draw your attention. So find a good art piece that’s going to make people turn their heads when they walk into a room.

The easiest way is to go big with your art pieces. That’s a surefire way to get people’s attention. That isn’t the only way, though. Pick a vase or sculpture that’s a bold, bright color in a room with a neutral tone. Or go with black or white in a room that’s bursting with color. Contrast is your best friend in this situation.

Bringing fashion trends into the home is the best way to keep your home stylish and fun—and the envy of all your friends. Keep an eye on the runways to find your next bolt of inspiration.


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