How Your Clothing Impacts Your Success

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First impression is very important especially if it concerns your job interview or someone you secretly like. The clothes we wear actually play a big part in it. You should pick something that you feel most comfortable in and what makes you look professional and responsible. Also, don’t forget to follow the dress code, if there is one.

Don’t show too much skin

Although you might not know the dress code requirements for different jobs, wearing a short skirt, excessive cleavage or shorts is not a way to go. It can send a wrong message to your colleagues and it seems unprofessional and a bit immature. Before going to any kind of a job interview, ask around and find out about their terms.

Appropriate shoes

Always wear shoes that are appropriate for work, because you need feel comfortable for eight hours – or even more. During the summer, please don’t wear flip-flops or running shoes. They can send a wrong message, so try to find boots, versatile flats, mid heel shoes or anything else that looks professional and is comfy at the same time.

Choose something that suits you best

A sophisticated jacket or longer dresses and skirts can make you look very professional, and are an appropriate outfit for any type of job. You can even find a good tailor and have a unique item of clothing made especially for you. Wear clothes that fit you well, no matter which size you are. It can be a bit difficult for plus-size women to find clothes that are work appropriate. However, they can easily find plus-size dresses for any occasion online. Some women are heavier on the top while others are on the bottom, so choose something that will highlight the part of your body you like the best.

Iron your clothes

Don’t show up to work – or anywhere else – with wrinkled clothes, because you can leave a wrong impression. Iron your clothes the night before and leave them somewhere hanging to avoid wrinkles. You must look sharp, full of self-confidence and neat. You don’t want to look irresponsible, because your boss will pay attention to every detail.

Go easy on the makeup

Depending on the occasion you must choose your makeup well. In the office, you should go easy with the makeup. Go neutral and use the minimal amount of makeup, avoid anything flashy and fake eyelashes because it’s not professional and it can even bother you at some point. You can always put that kind of makeup when you go out with your friends, but you should stay professional in the office. A little bit of eyeliner, a touch of mascara and a pinch of bronzer can make you look amazing.
Natural Makeup Look

Boost your confidence

Before going to an interview, try to practice the conversation in front of the mirror, or with a friend. Wear the clothes that you prepared for this occasion, and start talking. Do something that calms your nerves and gives you confidence, and you are good to go. The energy and the positive vibes you’ll be sending if you are confident will be your greatest weapon.


Always concentrate on your personal style, and what makes you who you are. Don’t wear something that doesn’t fit you or makes you feel uncomfortable, but something stylish and comfortable and you can achieve a lot.


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