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It’s Not Just About Trends When It Comes to Buying a Handbag

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Every woman wants to keep herself updated with latest fashion and for that who does keep up to trends! Women and fashion accessories are two complimenting things that never be separated. Among the accessories, bags are something that no woman would want to leave their home without. Have you ever thought that the way you think over wearing your denims, shirts and other stuff according to your body type that suits you, same goes with your handbags! The choice of handbag you would want to carry can affect your appearance and looks just the same way as a well-fitted or a so-not-well-fitted dress.

Carrying the appropriate handbag can make your apparel look even more stylish and trendy. Undoubtedly women get attracted to what’s in or what has been lately coming in fashion magazines or even following their favorite celebrities to keep an eye on what fashion trends are they up to. A common thought would be arising in your mind for sure right now while reading that what is the use of buying a bag that is not in? Buying a bag that suits your body type can still make you look chic. Even the fashion theory holds that the women should carry bag opposite to their body types.

If you are tall and slim, the only thing you need to think about when buying a bag is its size. Be it shoulder bags, clutches or purses; make sure that they are larger in size. If you carry a small-size bag it will make you look even bigger washing away your graceful image. Rounded-stuffy bags, hobos and long shoulder bags will play well with your height. If more, go for the detailed and bold patterns.

A large and slouchy bag would make a petite woman look even shorter. Always choose among the bags that would give an elongated appearance of your torso. Overwhelm your body with a dainty look by carrying bags with handles and short straps. Petite women should keep their accessories simple and toned with their outfit. Oversized bags should never be competing, the smaller body frames.

Women with broader waist or bust line can go for bags with longer straps and large size. Too short or a bag with too long straps that stops at your waist will not all flatter your apparel. It should always be kept in mind that wherever the bottom of your bag ends, it will accentuate that part of your body.

Women with pear shape can carry oversized clutches. This will give an illusion of broader shoulders. Bowler bags and satchels are the options among which they can choose.

A stylish and trendy bag always adds an extension to your style and of course the designs, patterns and colors chosen will also reflects your personality with a sense of eclectic touch to it. Whenever you go out for shopping for your handbags, consider just the way you think about your other fashion accessories and try different styles that would suit you. Choosing the appropriate bag will itself add a sense of fashion to your style.

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