One Piece Swim Suit Trends are off the Hook this Summer

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One piece swim suits are definitely coming back this summer — and in a big way. It seems that people are done with the two-piece swim suit and the waifish models that used to be the only measurement of beauty standards. Well, thanks to the efforts of some beautiful, bright spokes models, the fashion industry is ready to explore different ideas. The trends in swim suit design are not only embracing plus sizes but also celebrating them because people are more interested than ever in new versions of beauty. The curvy, robust look has been slowly rising in popularity in North America, as more and more women are trying to be a little more conservative in order to tease their figure just a bit more.

Still, progress is slow, and brick and mortar establishments seem to be slow to adapt. While there are plenty of people advocating for the increased availability of plus size swim suits — like Olivia Campbell or Ashley Graham (who teamed up with plus size exclusive retailer swim suits for all to produce a sexy 2016 lineup) — just to name a few, but that does not mean the issue has been resolved. One should also note that the average American woman is now a size 14, but only a few retailers are aiming for this demographic. If you’re interested in seeing what styles are available for plus sized babes, check out the latest trends for one piece swim suits to see what Ashley has been up to! Statistics show that women who wear a size 14 account for about 67 percent of the entire population, which proves that curvier women should not be ignored.

One of the most important features of the new one-piece swim suit is the fact that it is no longer only available in the black, matronly style your mother once wore.One pieces can feature bold colors, floral designs, or ruching to help give them a dynamic edge. One of the greatest perks of buying plus size swim suits online is the multitude of fabric choices. When you shop in a brick and mortar store, the colors and fabrics are limited by the small amount of floor space allotted to plus size swimwear. In the virtual world, rack space is limitless. It is easy to find a suit that flatters your complexion or comes in your favorite color. You can even find a wide variety of prints to fit your personality — color blocking, stripes, even dots are all in season.

What is a plus-size woman to do if she wants a wonderful one piece swim suit that is stylish yet accentuates her figure? The answer lies online, as there are more and more online companies that are noticing the lack of choices and styles for plus-size women and are taking advantage of this loophole. Why not take advantage yourself and check out the summer’s latest styles from the comfort of your own home? Hop online today and join the body positive movement today.


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