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Any fashion-forward suburban sweetheart prepping for prom will look at celebrities on the red carpet, either during award-season or when attending premieres and events. Whatever you may think of their personal-made-public choices, they clearly are fashion leaders.

A girl may long for an Atelier Versace or Chanel gown, but unless a miracle befalls her, she’s bloody unlikely to wear either designer to the biggest dance event of the high school year, the always-iconic, legendary coming-of-age: prom.

But there is one designer, whose styles reflect the most up-to-date fashion and are very teen friendly: the popular prom dresses. We take a quick look at the freshest faces to walk the red carpet today, and their glamorous gowns, designed by Sherri Hill.

Unlike her first cousin, Ireland Baldwin, who regularly appears in the national tabloids, Hailey Baldwin, is famed for her figure and elegance. She’s seen here in a vibrant and bright neon-green Sherri Hill prom dress. Choose something similar and you’ll definitely catch everyone’s eye.

Bella Thorne has the look of beautiful ginger-haired princess, doesn’t she? She hit the pink carpet for an event wearing this beautiful, corseted, Sherri Hill soft pink tulle gown, accented by a rhinestone encrusted waist belt and topped it off with what else? The Prom Queen’s crown – fetching and appealing.

Now here’s a couple that would stand out at your prom: gossip blogger Perez Hilton, sporting a bright auburn afro (and an inexplicable contrast-stitched, cotton-denim jumpsuit), and a blue-hued Selena Gomez, who clearly is taking a page from the “Hunger Games.” From the fascinator atop her head, to the banded-bottom of her one-shouldered, flouncy royal-blue statement dress, to the robust ruffles surrounding her hips, and the killer suede platform pumps, Selena looks way ready to party.

Bella Thorne really moves with sophisticated maturity. Here she is as part of an audience in an event, wearing a stunning Sherri Hill dress, cream-colored, and sporting a super-high slit, to show off her beautiful legs. The heavily beaded and sequined top, and low back with criss-cross accent perpetuate an air of splendour. You too can look this quietly enlightened in such a prom gown.

Zendaya knows fashion. We first heard about her from an appearance on “Project Runway.” Tim Gunn was impressed, even twitter-pated at the young star. Here, she’s just pretty and perfect, in a gown for the less bold, “notice-me” type of gal: a most excellent Sherri Hill gown choice, Zendaya! Fun and flirty: just like any girl going to prom should be.

Carrie Underwood knows what it’s like being the fashion underdog. Before she won “American Idol,” she was (literally) an Oklahoma farm girl – a dramatic difference between homespun goodness and the fast-paced music industry. The one-time high school cheerleader, jock and class salutatorian chose a daring Sherri Hill dress to host an awards’ show, but it’s a gown a very confident girl could carry off at prom.

Kendall Jenner (far right) knows how to face the flashing bulbs of the paparazzi. She grew up in the shadow of her older sisters’ rise to the trashy top of the celebrity-starlet ladder. Now a model, Kendall Jenner can carry just about any look. This embellished Sherri Hill super short, silver, and sexy potential prom dress, features a whimsical skirt of flapper fringe.

Kylie Jenner entices her social-media followers to take her I-can’t-believe–it-got-off-the-ground “Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge.” Forget blood vessels rushing to lips and other “remedies;” we sure didn’t try. Stick to fashion, honey.

This is the Ariana Grande we love: pretty in pink and sweet as cotton candy. She looks absolutely prom-worthy (so let’s forget the surrounding seediness of her ex Big Sean and his creepily crude Instagram comments about what he’s giving her).

Selena Gomez is a versatile gal. Here she is in a more subdued look, a Sherri Hill gown with mirrored, corseted top over a tulle skirt: pop princess or prom queen?

So there you have it. Several examples of stylish celebs and prom-perfect dresses they’ve donned. Now it’s your turn to try Sherri Hill. You can check out Peaches Boutique as they’re one of the reputable stores that sell Sherri Hill dresses. Try to contact their store to get more details.

As you have read in this article, even famous celebs wear Sherri Hill dresses. So if you want to look stunning during prom or any formal event like your favorite celebrity, you’ll never go wrong with Sherri Hill dresses. Make sure to check online shops to conveniently view different dress styles. Happy shopping!


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