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Simple tips to improve your brain power

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We can all rely on a few failsafe habits like exercising and eating healthy foods to make sure that our body stays in top condition. But when it comes to keeping our grey matter maximised, it seems that there’s a little more uncertainty in the minds of many people.

However, with a few superfoods, some surprisingly effective games like black jack, and some good old-fashioned physical exercise, we can all improve our chances of being just that little bit smarter!

Eat your greens

It’s no surprise to find that there are certain foods that have been found to help our cognitive skills. For a long time it’s been known that the omega-3 fats that occur in oily fish have been found to aid healthy brain function. And whether it’s tomatoes or blueberries, it seems that fruit and vegetables are a great way to further our brain power. But what’s surprising is that broccoli has lots of vitamin K that can keep our memories significantly sharper and improve our overall cognitive ability too.

And of course the health food industry has been on hand to provide a little supplementary help to those who can’t find the vegetable aisle in their supermarket, with the likes of Bulletproof’s Brain Octane oil reportedly helping many to enjoy greater powers of concentration.

Brain-friendly gaming

But it’s not just about eating your way to brain health, as it’s been revealed that certain other activities can help our thinking. In particular it’s the brain-boosting power of video games that’s proven capable of creating the greatest amount of headlines in the mental health world.

And what’s interesting about this is that it’s not just the tedious brain-training games like Dual N-Back that can have positive effects, as even if you’re deciding whether to stick or twist in black jack over at the Lucky Nugget Casino website, then you’ll be subtly stretching your grey matter in a way that can be applicable to many other problem-solving areas of life.

Exercise your intelligence

Although we may draw a line between mind and body, it seems that there is a stronger link between the two than has previously been thought. This has been shown with Harvard Medical School publishing a recent report that suggests that regular aerobic exercise has the power to protect memories and boost our thinking skills.

So whether you’re playing online black jack, enjoying some a fresh salmon meal, or even just having a jog, you can be assured in the fact that you’re subtly boosting your brain power!

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