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Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures – so let’s look good while doing it. It’s vital to take a step back from our routines, explore off the beaten path and find a perfectly, blissful place to renew. As president and creative director of a marketing and design agency, The MOD Studio, I make the most of my beauty regimen.  And if the day comes that I find myself stranded on a desert island (oh my!), I want to be camera ready!

This is why I’ve cultivated a list of my island beach beauty essentials.

#1 – Safety First: It’s impossible to give beauty advice without bringing up skin protection. It is necessary for all tropical vacations. But sunscreen can be greasy and even rip off a fresh manicure… ever noticed that?! I don’t go outside before applying “my home base.” Even a tiny drop of Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua (broad spectrum SPF 15) will hydrate my face to supply a fresh complexion.


#2 – Plump It Up: To glitz your look before hitting the beach, I recommend the Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss. It quenches my lips in the heat of the day and retains a moisturized, full look for long-time shine without the sticky feel.


#3 – Zip ZAP Humidity: One of the only downfalls to warm weather is humidity. Avoid a bad hair day living the island life using light-hold, humidity-resistant hair sprays to keep your fly-aways and frizzy moments out of sight!


#4 – Ready. Jet Set. Glow: In order for my makeup to look fresh all day, I spritz on a little Elevé Cosmetics Jet Setter Finishing Spray. This spray allows me to go all day without checking the mirror. It really comes in handy when I find myself in locations with no mirrors available! My heart is even more tied to this natural, vegan-based product since it’s produced in Austin, Texas – where I call home.


#5 – My Butter-Half: I am whipped for a god body butter to keep my skin velvety smooth and hydrated, while on a vacation getaway. After a long day in the sun, it’s the perfect way to prep yourself for another beautiful day or night to unwind.

I aim to make the most out of every moment away from the office. This means being prepared, but also at ease when things go awry. Throughout the years of owning a company, I’ve also learned there is ALWAYS a plan B. For more insight on lifestyle tricks and professional tips, follow me at @mariaborozova and The MOD Studio at @themodstudio. Cheers! xo

Written by:  By Maria Orozova



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