Things You Need to Consider Before Booking a Beach Wedding Venue

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So you have decided the beach is the perfect place to house your wedding ceremony and party. Setting your special day somewhere naturally stunning is definitely a great idea and can really give you the perfect backdrop for your wedding. With the sunsets, soothing waves rolling onto the shore, wide open expanse of the ocean, you really can’t put a price on a beach wedding.

When it comes to deciding the perfect venue, things can get a little tricky however. You may seem to feel torn between various options, unsure about which one ticks the right boxes. If that’s the case this article is a must read as it provides valuable advice on how to select the right venue for your requirements.

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So when you are on the lookout for your perfect beach wedding venue, remember these tips to choose the right one:

  • Does the venue hire locally? For beach weddings, it really pays to hire a place with strong connections to the local markets. This will make the planning process heaps easier and also increase the chances of the venue being responsible to the beach itself.
  • Is the venue set somewhere quiet? Beaches can get busy and especially at peak times within the year. Privacy is important when venue hunting so checking if the venue can set up canopies, seating and aisles for a private ceremony is recommended. This is also essential from a comfort perspective too. It often gets hot on beaches due to lack of shaded areas so having canopies up is a lifesaver on a sunny day.
  • The venue has the right equipment for beach events: Due to beach weddings being openly exposed to the natural elements, the venue would need to invest in sturdier seating, canopies and more. Also, having waterproof options is great as it just gives you that extra piece of mind in case it does rain. The venues will also know how to secure down chair decorations so that they don’t blow away whenever a strong breeze sets in.
  • They have a private room: When marrying on the beach you will still need somewhere close to check all is as it should be. Having a nearby beauty room with portable loos is a necessary luxury.
  • Can the beach/venue be easily reached?: Considering how guests will get there is another important aspect. Does the venue provide hotel pick-ups or is it fairly simple to reach by public transport?
  • Does the venue fit in with your ‘ideal wedding’?: You would have been aiming for a certain vibe for your special day. Choosing the right venue can ultimately help set the tone of your wedding.

Considering these points will really help you choose the best wedding venue for your needs. The beach is already the perfect place to tie the knot so why not finish it off with the perfect venue.


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