Top 5 Brothels to Go to Before You Die

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A brothel is no longer the cheap place that people used to go t. It is now an extravagant and premium gentleman’s club. If you want to relieve yourself at the end of a working week, you have to make sure you join a high class brothel in the nearest area for the best possible pleasure. Man has evolved to work, eat and procreate, and if you want to do the latter, all you need today is a good brothel. The best brothels are the ones that have adequate prices, high quality standards of sanitation, cleanliness, and a never ending promise of the most pleasurable experience for their patrons.

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#1. Amsterdam: Club LV

In one of the most dynamic cities in the world, you can now have an exotic brothel experience with one of the best adult clubs in Amsterdam. With a casual feel to the whole thing, combined with the most lucrative modern designs, you have to go to this for a once in a lifetime experience. You can rest assured that you will have a complete hush-hush business. Add to that the most expensive drinks and you have a brothel definitely worth visiting.

#2. Australia: Lush

If you are in a strong cash flow problem, Lush is one of the places that you have to try. Located in Marcoola, this brothel is one of the most visited thanks to the sweet spot that they have hit between marketing and cost price. If you can’t afford the main package, you can very easily go for the mini show where you get just a peep or two for half the price. The erotic current is through the roof, and more often than not people end up spending an entire weekend here.

#3. Brazil: Cafe Millenium

Located in the heart of Sao Paolo, this is one of the best places to go to for a good time. It very easily resembles an upbeat pub that has extended over a larger area. You can accommodate close to a thousand people in the whole area and this is ideal for all those bachelors that travel in groups. This place manages to attract most of the rich and powerful people who want a taste of Brazil. You want a place that not only gives you a variety of girls, but also a variety of private rooms, and on those terms Cafe Millenium is the ideal place to go for your bachelor parties, or for your group night-outs.


#4. Germany: Paradise

Stuttgart, home to the largest brothel in the whole of Germany, is home to about fifty thousand patrons every single year. This is an erotica extravaganza with everything from a porn theater and private theaters to food banquets and even a sauna bath. If you are loaded with cash, this is the place to be. Ideal for almost all the people who want an entire week off in a brothel that combines adult activity with food and movies this brothel is the go to place for the entire package.

#5. Las Vegas: Sheri’s Ranch

If you are celebrating your bachelor party, and don’t want to skirt the law, this one place is the closest legal place to go to. Started by Dennis Hof, this particular place combines a brothel with a high end resort and gives you a holiday you will never forget. You can check out the details on their website, but if you have a hankering for a last minute one night stand along with some luxurious comforts, then this is the best place to go.

However, it would always be better if you can book early, and then visit the brothels, as there can be last minute rush during the festival seasons.


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